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What to Consider Before Hauling Your Vacation Gear in Your Car



Most people wish they could just teleport to their dream vacation and not have to deal with the stresses of packing the car—and that is understandable. Who would like packing after all? However, here are a couple of things to consider before hauling all your luggage into your car that will make packing a breeze!

Securing Your Gear

Have you ever taken a trip, got out of the car to haul all your luggage into the hotel, and—whoops!—everything tumbles out? Yeah, it isn’t fun trying to re-sort things out and pick up your stuff from the pavement. That is why you should secure your gear before leaving. It makes unpacking and reloading a breeze.

One of the best things you can do to secure your gear is get a headache rack. A headache rack protects passengers from objects that might break through the back window and cause injuries. Furthermore, you may want to get a car back carrier to divvy out bulky items from your regular luggage. Lastly, make sure you take the time to adequately secure any larger vacation gear, like surfboards or bikes, with cam straps.

Adding Extra Space

Nobody likes squeezing luggage into the back of a car or underneath people’s feet. You want to ensure that everyone is comfortable during the long trip, and that your luggage remains safe. Luckily, there are so many options for adding extra space. First, consider getting a small trailer, especially if you are carrying larger items. Second, you want to get a hard roof shell or car back carrier to hold extra luggage. Third, consider purchasing vacuum storage bags to minimize the need for larger suitcases.

A Method to the Madness

The number one worst mistake people make when packing their car before a trip is that they pay no attention to the order of things. You should never just squeeze everything into your car haphazardly. There is always a system, or method, to the ‘madness’ of packing.

The first things that you should pack are the larger, heavier, bulkier items. However, you should even do this without organization either. Think to yourself, “What items will I need to quickly reach, or take out at a hotel?” So, you may not want to pile all your beach gear on top of an important suitcase you will need before you reach your destination. Next, place all the small, lighter things using the same system: keep the items you will need to quickly get to in easier-to-reach areas. That way, you won’t be hitting your head for having to remove all your luggage to get to one small thing.

Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while. Vacations allow you to achieve a ‘clean slate’ and the relaxation, family time, and fun you need. However, save yourself a headache by following these steps for more secure, organized luggage.

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