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How to Enjoy the Ocean Breeze on a Coastal Road Trip



The ocean air is known to have healing powers. Visiting the towns along the way as you cruise California’s Pacific Coast Highway, the East Coast’s Highway 1 or other coastal roads can bring about the sensation of total freedom from a hectic life.

Visit the Towns

Part of the fun of taking a road trip is stopping to enjoy local customs and restaurants along the way. Morro Bay, California, is a perfect spot to experience just that. The Coffee Pot Restaurant on the Embarcadero is owned by Lu Chi Fa. He loves to take a minute and sit with his customers. Wander in and enjoy the clam chowder before heading out for a stroll to Morro Rock or The Shell Shop.

Florida’s A1A has been called one of the most beautiful drives in the country. Stop to visit the farmers market in Delray Beach if you’re passing through on a Saturday morning. Refresh yourself with a glass of fresh OJ from oranges right off the tree. You can take a detour from A1A and visit Key West. When you’re finished with a day of sun and popping in at little shops, find a prime spot to watch the sun go down. Key West is one of the best sunset-watching locations in the world.

Mexico has some breathtaking beaches that could make you pull over and never leave. Experience the local food and entertainment as you walk through colorful Playa del Carmen, or catch a wave in Todos Santos if you’re up for a day of surfing.

Take a Convertible

Driving down the California coast on a day filled with nothing but blue skies, top down and cranking up some classic tunes, like Herb Alpert’s “Route 101” — what could be better? Probably only a Jeep! You can handle some of the rougher backroads than the average convertible. There are a few ways to remove your Jeep’s hardtop so that you can enjoy the fresh air as you drive down the coast.

Take a Walk on a Foggy Morning

There’s something about an ocean breeze along a foggy beach. As the fog envelops you, you inhale the cool salt air from the ocean as you walk along the wet sand. Soon, the sun will come out, and it will be hard to believe it wasn’t always sunny. The ocean breeze takes on another persona as the sun glints off the water and you breathe the now-warm salt air.

Even now, you might smell the ocean breeze when your mind goes back to treasured memories or dreams of days to come. Make it happen. Grab your beach chair, put the hard top down and hit the road. A road trip along your coastal road of choice could be just what you need.

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