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How Even You Can Afford to Travel More



If you can figure out a way to work on the road, a life of travel opens up. In addition, there are cheaper travel options, such as renting a single room instead of staying in a hotel. By targeting less expensive destinations, you can stretch out your journey. Here are some ways you can afford to travel more.

Realize It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

By targeting regions that offer a lower cost of living, you can stay longer and explore more. A one-bedroom apartment will cost $1,000 a month in London, $625 a month in Berlin, and $100 per month in Chiang Mai, Thailand. By learning the public transport maps and eating local, you can check out your new city and dine well on very little money. It’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol when dining out as this can add a lot to your bill and detract from your good health.

Change How You Work

If you can make money without having to go to an office, your travel options grow tremendously. For those who make their living with a computer, any space with an outlet becomes a temporary workspace. According to The Employee App, 80% of all employees are now deskless or remote employees. With the right technology and some flexibility, you can keep your current job and get on the road. If your current employer can’t make that work, it’s possible to build a freelance side hustle that can ultimately grow into enough of an income to make your travel dreams a reality. Use a vision board with pictures of your travel dreams and strive to make them a reality.

Work Ethic

Building a freelance career takes focus and dedication. If you are working for an hourly wage, you actually get paid to get up and get a cup of coffee. You don’t usually have to clock out to have a conversation with a coworker. Freelancers know that getting paid means producing content. According to Just Creative, building a freelance income takes dedication and focus. Figure out your most productive time of the day. Protect that time so you can do your best work.

Travel isn’t free, but neither is staying home. If you’re paying rent in an American city because that’s where your job is, consider building a job that you can do from anywhere by honing your computer skills. Watch your spending to get some cash in the bank and have some flexibility. If travel is your goal, make your job portable and get on the road.

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