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Fun Activities If You’re Vacationing in the Mountains



Time in the mountains gives you plenty of options. You can pack in a tent and get away from everything or you can stay at a resort and enjoy many amenities. Everything from water sports to ATV travel is open to you and your family.


Your mountain vacation can include a calm paddle across a clear lake on a kayak. You may find a resort that offers kayak rentals or choose to invest in an inflatable kayak for buoyancy and ease of packing. Whether you want to paddle alone or use a two-person kayak, your mountain vacation can include plenty of fresh air, time on the water and a great workout to boot!

Ride ATVs

ATVs offer many amenities to those traveling in the mountains. Not only are they a fun way to move up and down the terrain, but they can be a great help to anyone who struggles with getting enough air at high altitudes. If your family fun includes people of all generations, having access to an All-Terrain Vehicle can be a great help to older members of your family. There are many brands of ATV you can choose from if you want to buy one for all your mountain getaways. Many resorts also offer rentals. If you’re staying in a resort, be sure to check the quiet hours and avoid riding during those times to keep the peace.


Whether you’re a novice or an expert hiker, you can find mountain trails that will offer great views, lots of fresh air and a wonderful chance to get away from it all. If you’re staying in a national or state park in the U.S., be sure to check in with local guides to determine the best trail for you. In addition, if you’re vacationing alone, let someone know that you’re going, the trail you plan to take and the time you expect to be back. Consider investing in a personal location device in addition to your cell phone as cell service can be spotty in the mountains. Consider building rest time into your hike by packing a lunch and a book. Finally, carry plenty of water. No matter your interests or fitness level, you can find a way to enjoy your time in the mountains.

From hitting the trails on an All-Terrain Vehicle, going for a long hike or putting a kayak on the water, you can lower your stress and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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