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30 Must-Have Travel Apps

While we all love to travel, sometimes it can take a toll on us physically, emotionally and financially. These thirty apps are the ones we’ve found to be the most helpful while traveling. The majority of all applications listed here we found to be available for both Android and iOS. While we find this to…



While we all love to travel, sometimes it can take a toll on us physically, emotionally and financially. These thirty apps are the ones we’ve found to be the most helpful while traveling. The majority of all applications listed here we found to be available for both Android and iOS. While we find this to be a full and comprehensive list we also recognize that new apps are constantly being released and we may have missed some.

If you know of apps that we did not list here please let us know! Please send us an email and let us know what you have found!

Now! Onto the list!


1. Airbnb

A simple idea of renting our rooms or apartments when not in use took off a few years ago, their app can help you find last minute places to stay or book an ideal vacation spot often for less than a hotel and give you the feeling of actually living in your destination city.


2. AllCast

With all the new casting devices such as ChromeCast and Roku why not have an app that can connect to all of them? Works for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chrome Cast, Roku, Smart TVs, Xbox360 and other DLNA Renderers.

Barcode Scanner

3. Barcode Scan

More and more companies and even local mass transport companies are getting on the QR code bandwagon. This app will scan basic barcodes and QR codes. Works great for train and bus schedules in the U.S. and overseas. There are many types of these out there, this one is simple and easy to use.


4. Camera360

There are a number of camera apps out there, this has been one of the best ones we’ve found so far. It offers tons of effects to help create the perfect image and actually capture what you’re seeing.


5. Clean Master

Mobile phones get slow over time. Often from adding and deleting programs to saving and deleting files we end up with lots of junk due to constant use and being on our phones. This app hunts down the junk so you can delete it and make your phone fast again. Deleting unused junk will make sure you never run out of space to take pictures of clouds and cat photos while on your journey.


6. XE Currency

This app is essential when traveling overseas and using foreign currency. One of the most difficult things while traveling abroad is trying to figure out that actual price of something in terms of your own currency, especially when you make a big blunder and discover later that you bought something for $100 rather than the $10 price you thought it was. This will work offline too, just make sure to download the update for the app before you remove the internet connection.


7. Drizly

An app for alcohol delivery. Yes, you read that right. While traveling, you don’t always want to leave the hotel.  Sometimes you want a romantic night in and usually the hotel prices can be ridiculous for something as simple as a bottle of wine. Problem solved. While currently available in over 15 major U.S. cities they are continuing to expand.


8. Fever

Want to know what’s going on in a new city? Trying to find the cool and exciting events? This app would be the solution. Find events that interest you. Connect with people and make new friends at awesome events you might never have known were going on.

field trip

9. Field Trip

Probably one of the most fascinating apps ever created. Turn on your GPS, the app runs in the background and lets you know points of interest around you. It will point out everything from architecture to historical events that have taken place nearby to social events or restaurants of interest. If going by car turn on your Bluetooth and it will read the information aloud!


10. Flickr

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, what is better than sharing the photos from your journey? Flickr allows high-resolution uploads of photos from your experiences while traveling, much easier than sending individual people individual photos; just send them a link to your Flickr site instead.


11. Flipboard

While on the road you still want to be up to date on current events and things that interest you. This program creates a tailored selection of everything that you’ll find interesting. Tell it what sites you like and what interests you have and voila! You’ll be fascinated what it finds for you.


12. Gett

On the road but want to show up and arrive somewhere looking like a rock star rather than pulling up in your rented Prius? Gett is an on call rideshare app similar to Lyft and Uber, however, the cars are pretty swanky. They also offer $10 rides anywhere within Manhattan and flat fares to all NYC airports.


13. Grubhub

Want local food but don’t feel like leaving the hotel? See a full list of what is nearby and also delivers. You can also read full menus and see restaurant hours. Works on a computer or via phone app! Click, order and they deliver.


14. Hotel Tonight

Stuck in a city that’s totally unplanned? Hotel Tonight has lots of last minute deals on hotels so you don’t have to sleep in the airport because your flight canceled last minute.


15. Instagram

A photo sharing social app. Think of what would happen if Facebook and Flickr got together and had a kid. Share your adventures and even use hashtags to gain more attention to what you’re doing.


16. Lyft

On call rideshare app similar to Uber. Cheaper than taxis and avoids the need to rent a car.


17. Mint

Manage your money and credit accounts. It will show you everything in one comprehensive swoop and keep you up to date on how much you’re spending. It will also show you a chart of what percentage your spending and on what. It will also remind you when you have bills due. This is an essential when on the road when you can’t get your mail or receive bills.


18. Mobile Passport

This is a MUST have for international travel arriving into the United States. An incredible new way to beat the never-ending lines at customs. While currently only available at a few airports in the USA this app simplifies the whole process of traveling internationally to the U.S.

photos by google

19. Photos by Google

Similar to Flickr, however, google offers never ending storage space on the cloud when using this app.

relax and sleep

20. Relax and Sleep

Having trouble getting to sleep in a new city? Too much noise outside? This app has a collection of different sounds and ambient noises to help relax you and get you to sleep. Everything from thunderstorms to mechanical noises and completely customizable.  Available for both Android and iOS systems.


21. Skype

One of the hardest things of being on the road is being away from loved ones. Skype allows free video calls to see your loved ones and connect with them while you’re away.


22. Snapseed by Google

A photo editing app that does more than just the basics but in typical Google fashion makes it user-friendly even for the beginner photo novice.While this is an app created by Google, it’s also available for iOS systems.


23. Translate by Google

The best free translation app we’ve found so far when traveling abroad. It offers speech to text translation, and you can even upload photos of signs, highlight what you’re trying to read and it will translate them too. It operates over an internet connection. However, if you won’t have access to an internet connection you can download the entire language to your phone for offline use. Again, while developed by Google, it is also available for iOS systems.


24. TravelSafe

There is quite possibly nothing more frightening than being abroad and having an emergency. The worst complication is that you don’t know where to go or who to contact while abroad. This app solves that for you helping keep you worry-free in the event something  does happen.


25. Uber

A classic. Uber is an on call rideshare app similar to Lyft, cheaper than taxis and better than renting a car.


26. Venmo

An app to transfer money between people. This is fantastic for situations where you find yourself in a financial bind and in a city where you don’t know anyone. You can link it directly to bank accounts and credit cards.


27. Voice by Google

A free voicemail app that will transcribe your voicemails and send them to you. Especially useful if you’re in a country where you have no cell service or must keep your phone off but still want to be able to check for important calls. The app will also allow you free domestic US calls as well as much lower rates on international calls by routing the calls through their system. You’ll need a google account to use this app.


28. Wallet by Google

Organizes all of your credit and debit cards. They also offer you a credit card that you can link all of your cards too. Simply use the app to switch where account the Google Wallet card pulls from and you’ll never need to bring all your cards with you. If your wallet is ever stolen you’ll only have one card to replace and still have your originals. You can also use it to transfer and receive money securely.


29. WhatsApp

A messenger app that associates to your phone number but works over Wi-Fi. Perfect for when you’re in a foreign country and don’t feel like paying $0.75 a text message to send and receive.


30. WorldMate

A popular app in the business world for organizing changing and making flight and hotel plans, it does all the work for you and keeps you in the loop.

What apps aren’t here? Please send us an email and let us know what we missed!


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