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What to Do if You Wreck a Rental Car on a Business Trip



Being involved in a car accident is never an easy situation to be in. However, for those traveling for work in a rental car, an auto accident can be a downright nightmare. It is often a situation that most don’t even think about when they begin traveling for work. But, the reality is that people need to know what to do in the event that this happens, after all, a car crash on the clock can cost you your livelihood.

Inform Your Employer

After you’ve checked that everyone is okay in both vehicles and that the police have been called, it is now time to inform your employer. If you care about keeping your job, it is incredibly important to contact them as soon as possible. This is because there may be an established procedure about what you need to do in terms of your statements and your actions moving forward. Some companies might simply ask you to keep quiet in order to avoid placing fault on yourself or the company.

Contact the Rental Company

It is important to contact your rental company in the event of a car crash. This is because you are often going to have your car towed in order to keep traffic flowing. However, if you agree to all these services and charges, you might not get reimbursed. Therefore, it is essential to ask your rental company what they want you to do with the car. Follow their instructions, and keep a record of every instruction they give you. Doing so will allow you to avoid causing more financial damage.

Get Other Driver’s Info

If there is one thing you will need, it’s the other driver’s information. This information can include their phone, address, name and insurance information. This can provide you with the necessary proof needed to file a claim or to simply prove to your boss that you asked. Obtaining the other driver’s license plate number can provide additional information. This can be of great use in the event that you find out that they have provided you with false information. Most cities have detailed records of who owns what car and, thus, can aid you with the necessary information needed to help your case.

Contact Your Own Car insurance Company

When it comes to a car accident, things can get tricky really quickly. Therefore, it is important to have all your ducks in a row. Even though you’ve contacted your rental company about it, you should also let your own car insurance company know about the incident. This is because if the car company deems it your responsibility, you will need to have all your documents ready for your own insurance. Simply inform them of your situation, collect police reports, and make sure they receive every single document.

Getting into a car accident is a horrible thing to go through, let alone when you’re on the clock. Thus, it is highly recommended for those who travel for work to adhere to the list of tips above in order to be prepared in the event that you get into a rental car crash.

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