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WATCH: Passenger Urinates on Floor of Airport



Waiting at the airport for a flight can be an annoying chore, but a group of travelers got more than they bargained for when a man began urinating on the floor.

In a video shared on Tuesday by the Instagram account @PassengerShaming, an unidentified man was sitting at an airport terminal waiting for a flight when he exposed his penis to the people around him.

As the person filming the sequence sat in shock, the man began to urinate from a seated position onto the floor as other travelers sitting in his vicinity stare on in horror. Since being posted, the video has been viewed over 230,000 times.

It was unclear when the incident took place or the location of the airport.

The comment section of the video post was rife with anger and frustration, as expected, and travelers were not holding back their opinions of the man and the situation.

“I hope he was arrested,” one Instagram user said.

“My dog would know better than to do that,” said another traveler. “People disgust me.”

“Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this,” a startled viewer said. “Just sitting there watching?”

It’s been a rough stretch for naughty passengers, as a heavily intoxicated passenger had to be taped to a seat by fellow passengers in December after he attempted to storm the cockpit on an S7 Airlines flight in Russia.

TravelPulse also highlighted some of the wildest naughty passenger stories of 2019, from intoxicated travelers acting out mid-flight to drug and animal smugglers.

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