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United Airlines recently changed its employee appearance standards to become more inclusive. According to the airline, customer-facing employees can enjoy more “freedom of gender expression”.

Starting September 1, 2021 flight attendants and customer service representatives will enjoy a “relaxed standards” look. On the other hand, pilots, ramp service employees, and other workgroups can also enjoy this new standard later this year.

Employee Appearance Standards Reflective a More Modernized Look

The move was made to “reflect a more modernized look”. Their statement added that the new employee appearance standards will “permit freedom of gender expression so that employees can feel their best at work”.

According to Kate Gebo who is United Airlines’ Human Resources and Labor Relations VP, “We’ve spent the last several years listening to the feedback we’ve received from our employees and our Business Resource Groups to develop these revised standards”.

Details for the updated guidelines are expected by next month. What can passengers expect from this move? It means that tattoos and nose piercings are going to be more common once the new employee appearance standards are implemented.

Gender Diversity Equals Better Productivity

According to new research, gender diversity within the workplace can lead to more innovative thinking. This move could potentially put United ahead of other airlines and they can even get a wider pool of employees by shifting their employee appearance standards to being more inclusive.

Hiring New Employees

The airline industry is slowly improving in the past months, thanks to the number of people who received the vaccine plus CDC’s updates in travel restrictions. And because of this, airlines are now looking for new employees and getting their furloughed workforce back.

However, if you’re planning to work for United, the airline is only going to hire people who are fully vaccinated. United has implemented this rule for new hires starting June 15. As for their existing employees, United along with other airlines have given incentives for employees who are fully vaccinated.

John Michael Jayme
John Michael Jayme
John Michael Jayme is a Travel Analyst for The Jet Set. He writes about news and events affecting the travel industry.






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