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How Can I Afford to Travel During Retirement?



One of the best parts of leaving the rat race is having the freedom to explore the world. However, some seniors reach this point in life and realize that they don’t have the necessary funds to make this happen. Here are four ways that you can afford to travel during your retirement.

Travel Frugally

Unless you have an unlimited budget, you are going to need to learn how to travel frugally if you want to be a globetrotter in your senior years. The best thing that you can do is to learn how to get the most bang for your travel buck. Good ideas include staying in home shares, cooking your meals and eating in, and learning how to navigate public transportation instead of splurging for a private rental car. Once you figure out how to cut corners, you will soon see how far you can truly stretch your travel dollar.

Downsize Your Home

One popular way to free up more money for travel in the retirement years is to downsize your home. With your children likely out of the house, you may not need a lot of extra space. Moving into a smaller home will save money on housing expenses, insurance, and utility bills. You can then funnel all of these savings into your travel account so that you have more freedom to move about the world.

Planning Your Savings

If you know that you want to travel a good deal when you are retired, you need to begin saving for those experiences when you are still working. A good place to start is to outline your desired travel plans and to budget accordingly. Many employers match money placed into a 401(k), making this a good way to sock away extra funding during your working years.

Travel During the Off-Season

One of the biggest benefits of living the retired life is not being chained to a work schedule. Because of this new freedom, you can take advantage of the cost benefits of traveling during the off-season. You will find much cheaper airfares and hotel accommodations if you are willing to travel during non-peak times. As a bonus, you will also encounter fewer crowds.

With the right planning and commitment to saving, you can achieve all of your dreams of unlimited wanderlust once you have retired. The rewards of your diligence will be worth it once you start crossing off those travel bucket list items.

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Travel Lifestyle

New reasons to visit Lawrence, Kansas in 2020



Experiences, food, and events that help make Lawrence unmistakable

Lawrence, KS, February 21, 2020 – Lawrence, Kansas is a city happy to be what it is: a city doing things in its own way, with free thinkers not trying to be anyone else. Founded by pioneers driven to create a state where people of all races would be free, Lawrence has continually defined itself as an open, energetic and welcoming community. Quirky? Different? Unexpected? Yes! But more importantly, we invite you to define your own version of a city that offers an escape from the ordinary.
There are no shortage of new experiences, food, and events for visitors to enjoy on their next visit to this cool, artsy, historic college town. Here are a few to be excited about.



Jayhawk Experience

Sports enthusiasts and fans are gaining access to Kansas Jayhawk sports facilities like never before through the brand new Jayhawk Experience. Guided tours with The Jayhawk Experience are a 90-minute experience that showcases many of Kansas Athletics’ venues and iconic exhibits, including the Booth Family Hall of Athletics, Allen Fieldhouse and Dr. Naismith’s Original Rules of “Basket Ball,” as well as Hoglund Ballpark, the Horejsi Family Volleyball Arena and Anschutz Pavilion. An Experience Guide will deliver the story of the program’s rich history, traditions and celebrated student-athletes.

Interested in hosting an event in one of the University of Kansas’ athletic facilities? The Jayhawk Experience crew can help make that a reality as facility space is now available for rent for private events.
Jayhawk Experience is also bringing exciting events to the University’s athletic facilities. On April 25 the Jayhawk Experience is hosting Stadium Blitz in David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, home of Jayhawks Football. Stadium Blitz, presented by Rob Gronkowski and Gronk Nation, is designed to make the fun and empowering experience of obstacle course racing available to fitness enthusiasts of any level and children as young as seven years old.


Short for Restaurant – Pub – Games. With more than 1,000 board games available, a menu of nourishing comfort food, and handcrafted cocktails, RPG takes game night to a whole new level. RPG features 2 or 3 meads on tap supplied by Black Labs Mead, a craft meadery out of Olathe, Kansas. RPG hosts weekly events including Trivia Night and Adventurer’s League. An upstairs event space is available for private events.

Wonder Gallery

Wonder Fair in Downtown Lawrence has recently opened Wonder Gallery, a space dedicated to showcasing the work of local artists and art books at 15 West 9th Street. Wonder Fair’s flagship store at 841 Massachusetts Street is a home to art supplies, stationery, prints, gifts and more.

Lawrence Visitors Center

The Lawrence Visitors Center has relocated to the most popular tourist attraction in Kansas, Massachusetts Street. The space at 812 Massachusetts features brochures and publications for things to do in Lawrence and in Northeast Kansas, an interactive kiosk with the most up-to-date calendar of events and recommendations for places to eat, play, and stay. Travel Counselors are available to answer your questions and Lawrence souvenirs are for sale. The space also serves as an art gallery featuring a different local artist every month. New artists premier at the Visitors Center on the final Friday of each month when it is open late for Final Fridays Art Walk.



Mama’s Tamale Shop

The owners of one of Lawrence’s go-to late night food establishments, Burrito King, has opened a new restaurant featuring an intriguing assortment of homemade tamales including vegan and vegetarian varieties. The restaurant also features a variety of empanadas and street tacos.

Ta Co.

Jay Draskovich has spent the last several years pleasing taste buds throughout the region from his food truck, Draskos. Now he has opened his first full-service restaurant in Downtown Lawrence. His restaurant features variations of the tacos that made his food truck such a hit. The tacos can be ordered as soft or puffy. Flavors include Fried Avocado, Korean Chicken, Shrimp & Caviar, and many others. A variety of tortas are also on the menu as well as a fun variety of margaritas.

Cheesy Street at Lucia
One of Kansas City’s favorite food trucks now has a kitchen inside of Lucia, a local bar and live music venue in Downtown Lawrence. Cheesy Street, which is still operating a food truck, has expanded it’s menu of grilled cheese and mac & cheese options for this new collaborative effort. Options include Buffalo Chicken, Bacon Jalapeno, Veggie and much more.



Paper Plains Literary Festival

2020 is the first year of an annual literary festival in Lawrence, Kansas called Paper Plains. Paper Plains is a collaborative, cross-media, diverse and inclusive literary festival celebrating authors and artists from the Plains and beyond. This annual event nurtures and showcases the literary landscapes of Lawrence, Kansas and the surrounding region through a variety of free programs for all ages. Featured authors include Colson Whitehead, Natalie Diaz, and Sarah Smarsh.

Encountering John Brown Traveling Exhibit

In pre-Civil War America, a bloody conflict over slavery was far from a foregone conclusion. John Brown helped change that. “Encountering John Brown,” a traveling exhibition from Overland Traveling Exhibits, explores the story of one of 19th century America’s most complicated figures through the encounters he had with other important figures of the time, including Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglass, and Robert E. Lee. The exhibition will make its debut at the Union Pacific Depot in Lawrence, Kansas from August 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020. The exhibit will tour the United States through 2025. “Encountering John Brown” was developed, designed, built, and toured by Overland Traveling Exhibit. Founding institutions include the Watkins Museum of History in Lawrence, Kansas.

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