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Travel Add-Ons That Might Not Be Worth It



When you’re traveling, it’s important to make your trip as fun and comfortable as possible. That may make it seem like you should invest in whatever add-ons you can get your hands on, but some of them simply aren’t worth the extra money.  Check out the list below for a few travel upgrades that aren’t worth the added expense.

Rental Car Upgrade

The first vacation add-ons that often isn’t as good of a deal as they seem are rental car upgrades. These upgrades may seem like a benefit at first, but often they come with some hidden downsides that you should consider. First of all, upgraded rental cars usually are larger or have more specialized motors. This may seem like a benefit, but in most cases, it mostly translates to worse fuel economy. This can be a big deal, especially on a long road trip. This means you spend more on the car itself and spend more on the trip because you need to fuel up more frequently.

Travel Protection

Travel protection may seem like a good idea, but in many cases, it simply doesn’t offer the protection you might expect. In many cases, the guidelines for your protection are so strict that they don’t really help you get your money back. Travel protections are often limited and don’t offer a full refund if you cancel your trip. It isn’t really worthwhile to spend money on travel protection when they may not offer a full refund.

First Class Domestic Flights

Flying first class sounds luxurious, but that often isn’t the case. If you are flying a short domestic flight, then it usually isn’t worth upgrading to first class. On domestic flights, the difference between first class and coach seats is often negligible, but they can still get incredibly expensive. Most of the time, regular seats are comfortable enough for a short flight. By skipping out on the first class seats, you can save some money to splurge on a delicious meal or a more expensive activity that will be more memorable than the seats you flew in.

You deserve to have luxurious travel. But when you’re spending, try to focus on the elements of your trip you care about the most. Checking out a new restaurant, activity, or location is often more important than upgrading your car or getting travel protection. Spend your money wisely and you’ll have a trip you’ll remember for years to come.

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