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The Best Gifts for Someone Who Loves the Outdoors



Finding the perfect gift for the outdoor lover in your life—whether they are an avid camper or an adventure seeker—can be difficult. However, with a few tips from the following guide, your gift will be their favorite under the tree this year.

Camping Gear

All outdoor enthusiasts, from campers to adventurers, enjoy hiking. This year, give your hiker a portable chair that he or she can take along to have a rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the trail. If you’re looking into hiking chairs, choose something lightweight and durable. Ultra-lightweight hiking chairs can weigh as low as 20 ounces. Whether your camper enjoys sleeping in a tent or RV, another gift they’ll love is a firestarter. A firestarter should be light, compact, durable, water-resistant, and not rely on fuel like a lighter. Firestarters come in a variety of forms, ranging from metal strike plates to waterproof matches.

Kayaking Equipment

For the kayaker in your life, a dry bag always makes a good present. Whether he or she enjoys kayaking for a few hours at a time or taking overnight trips downstream, a dry bag will help keep personal items dry while out on the water. Show your kayaker that you care about them by giving them a whistle made specifically for kayakers. These whistles are made of rust proof materials and are worn around the neck on lanyards. Kayakers can use them to alert others if they are in need of assistance. Also, keep your outdoor enthusiast comfortable and buy them a kayak seat. Along with comfort, the seat provides back and core support. Pair the seat with a waterproof case for their phone, keys, and some waterproof sunscreen.

Fishing Equipment

For the fisherman or fisherwoman in your life, you cannot go wrong with a multi-tool as a gift. Having all of the tools that will be needed in one will keep your fishing enthusiast from having to search for the right tool when he or she has the big one on the line. Another great and useful gift for the angler is a fishing vest. With lots of pockets and retractable straps, everything is within easy reach. Plus, many fishing vests also double as life vests, adding an extra safety feature.

No matter what outdoor activity the person in your life enjoys, giving them a gift that helps them spend more time in nature will be sure to make them smile. If you end up choosing any of the gifts ideas we suggested above, the outdoor lover in your life will definitely be pleased.

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