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TSA Agents Catch Passenger With Gun-Shaped Toilet Paper Roller



Agents working at a security checkpoint in a New Jersey airport Tuesday were stunned when a gun discovered inside a passenger’s bag turned out to be something much different.

According to the official blog of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), officers working at a Newark Liberty International Airport checkpoint found a carry-on bag with a revolver inside when it passed through an X-ray machine.

TSA agents confiscated the bag that triggered the alarm and found the gun was not an actual firearm, but instead a realistic replica gun that had been configured into a toilet paper roller.

Travelers are not permitted to carry real or replica firearms through airport security checkpoints, but they are allowed to be transported in checked bags as long as they are properly packaged and declared.

Security officers at the Newark airport have been busy recently, as agents working at a checkpoint in Terminal C airlines/tsa-agents-stop-passenger-with-loaded-gun-before-boarding-plane.html” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>caught a man carrying a .22 caliber handgun loaded with four bullets inside his carry-on bag.

Officers discovered the loaded weapon when the bag went through the checkpoint X-ray machine, and the unidentified man was arrested by the Port Authority Police of New York and New Jersey.

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