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Dominican Republic Says It Lost 100,000 Visitors This Year



A Dominican Republic media outlet says the country lost 100,000 visitors between January and September of this year compared to 2018—and blames it on “negative media attacks” on the popular island.

Dominican Today wrote that the Dominican Republic received more than 4.3 million visitors during the first nine months of 2018, compared to 4.2 international vacationers this year.

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That translated into an estimated loss of $137.5 million dollars from tourism just for lodging and daily expenses alone.

The culprit?

“The leading cause of this decrease has been the negative media attacks against Dominican tourism,” according to the story.

The number of foreign tourists who have visited the D.R. dropped by 121,216 this year.

The most significant influx of visitors came from North America, which contributed 60.6 percent of tourists. Coincidentally, much of the coverage of the woes besetting the Dominican Republic came from American media outlets.

The country has had an inordinate number of tourist deaths this year, either through violence or other unnatural causes. But while blaming the media might seem like scapegoating, the fact remains that the U.S. State Department has not issued any travel warnings to the Dominican Republic.

Moreover, statistics show that Americans are more likely to be killed in a homicide in the U.S. (5.3 per 100,000) than die of unnatural causes in the Dominican Republic (0.58 per 100,000).

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Expedia Group Lends a Hand With $275 Million Program



Expedia Group has announced its commitment of $275 million USD to help partners rebound from the impact of COVID-19 and fuel industry-wide recovery efforts.

Expedia Group’s recovery program is comprised of global initiatives to support industry recovery and property-level relief designed to help independent partners and small chains rebuild their business, attract high-value guests, and optimize cash flow.

Below are some of the program highlights.

To Restore Partners:

– Expedia Group is committing $250 million in marketing credits and financial relief. For each property that participates in the program, the company will reinvest 25% of the compensation earned in 2019 from the property into marketing credits for use with Expedia Group.

– To better understand when demand will return to a market, Expedia Group is providing proprietary data to track trends through a new analytics tool called Market Insights. The dynamic dashboard provides trends on website traffic, stay dates, and demand source markets.

– To support chains and owner groups, Expedia Group released a streamlined version of its optimized distribution solution that allows lodging suppliers to more effectively manage the distribution of wholesale rates among third party travel providers.

To Restore Destinations:

– To re-ignite demand through market awareness, Expedia Group Media Solutions is opening a $25 million fund for destinations. This recovery plan focuses on destination-led and co-op campaigns, which bring together destination and supply partners with similar audiences to manage their advertising spend while maximizing their conversions.

– To keep travel top of mind, Expedia Group is rolling out a series of global brand campaigns. For example, an online campaign from Media Solutions called Where Next? helps customers discover new destinations.

To Restore the Industry:

– To help furloughed and displaced workers advance during this time, Expedia Group has created a complimentary training and education program called Expedia Group Academy. The program offers skill development through online learning modules and live content led by Expedia Group subject matter experts and travel industry leaders.

– To ensure customers can book with confidence, Expedia Group created a new feature for lodging partners to highlight the health and hygiene measures at their properties.

– To meet the needs of cautious customers and ensure booking flexibility, nearly 70% of lodging rate plans on Expedia Group sites are now refundable.

This post was published by our news partner: | Article Source

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