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Kick Off 2020 With a Trip to Riviera Maya



New Year’s resolutions come in all forms, as all people have various aspirations for the year ahead. Some of the more common ones that usually make the list include exercising more often, learning a new skill, spending less money and quitting a bad habit.

These are all impressive goals to have for a fresh start. However, if your desires don’t fall into these categories or if you’re looking for a unique new year’s resolution, consider making your goal to travel more often in 2020.

This could be the year you finally take that trip you’ve always talked about or step out of your comfort zone and go someplace new and exotic—or simply travel more in general and plan for a vacation more than once a year.

What better way to kick off 2020 than with a vacation? Better yet, a vacation that allows you to explore and discover the beauty of Mexico and return home fully energized to take on the year ahead.

Fairmont Mayakoba, located 40 miles south of Cancun in Riviera Maya, invites guests to fully relax and explore the surrounding beauty. The property is set in a private gated community surrounded by 240 acres of tropical rainforest, and guests have the option to add an all-inclusive package with their stay.

Anyone with a resolution to be more active in the new year in addition to traveling can get both goals in action during a stay at Fairmont Mayakoba.

This resort has endless opportunities for active guests to participate in, from running and stretching to soccer tournaments and beach volleyball. For something unique to try, visitors can take part in a beginner kite surf, boogie board lesson or a Salsa class.

Any children in the group between the ages of five and 11 have their very own activities waiting for them if they choose to explore the Discovery Club & Adventure Camp. Guided by Iggy the iguana, Chamu the monkey and Balam the jaguar, kids are able to combine learning and fun throughout the stay.

To top off an adventurous vacation spent with loved ones, visitors to Fairmont Mayakoba can choose to treat themselves to a much-needed service at Willow Stream Spa. Surrounded by natural beauty, the spa invites guests to find relaxation both during their treatment and before and after in the various resting areas as they regain energy.

After beginning 2020 in Riviera Maya soaking in the Caribbean warmth and tropical breezes and all the fun Fairmont Mayakoba has to offer, you’ll get home feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to take on the year ahead.

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