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How to Truly Stay Relaxed While You’re on Vacation



You are at work thinking about your upcoming dream vacation when a pesky doubt creeps into your mind. After working hard all year, am I going to be able to switch off the work mode and just relax? Getting rid of those negative doubts can happen by engaging in some careful planning. Here are a few tips that may help make that vacation easy as well as relaxing.

Leave Your Work Behind

You already know that if you go on vacation with any work left unfinished it is going to be on your mind the whole time you are away. If at all possible, plan to make sure you leave with all projects finished. Do not encourage anyone in the workplace to get in touch with you while you are gone. Let them know that you will be unavailable until you return from your trip. Commit to the idea that you need a break, and keep work out of your vacation time. You also have to take the pledge not to check in with the office.


This may be the hardest thing you have ever done, but unplug your phone and your computer while you are on vacation. Disconnect from your normal routine. This is “me time.” If you intend to unwind, it is not a good idea to bring your daily life along for the ride. Listening to music is acceptable if it helps you to relax. If you think being unplugged is going to be a challenge, perhaps you should book lodging in a place that does not offer Wi-Fi. On your vacation, focus on the free time you’ll have to change your pace. Resist the temptation to spend time on your phone or computer.

Go for a Swim

Spending some time in a swim spa has a lot of health benefits in addition to simply being relaxing. Swimming is a wonderful way to relax your mind as well as your body. Try floating while letting your thoughts drift. Do not set goals. Instead, just allow all the built-up tension to ease its way out of your body as you float or swim. Water has a way of being very therapeutic as it gently massages your skin and muscles. Leave your need to be on a tight schedule at home.

Use the Gym

There is nothing wrong with a good workout. The stress of having a career can allow toxins to accumulate in the body. A vacation is the perfect time to help release the toxic build-up. Your sessions in the gym will not only benefit your body but also take your mind off your job. Listen to your favorite music to help create a flow to your workout. You might want to visit the sauna afterward for an added benefit. Walking or running is another way to work up a good sweat and relieve stress.

Don’t Overschedule

Most of us live a hectic life, so we also have a tendency to overbook our vacation activities. On the contrary, a complete change of pace is needed. Don’t feel guilty about relaxing. Plan a few outings, but you need to tone down the pace if you want to feel refreshed when you return home. Take in a few of the sites, but there is nothing wrong with spending some time in the hammock consuming your favorite beverage and doing a little daydreaming.

Plan Your Activities Wisely

When planning your vacation destination, research what activities are offered in the area. You may want to schedule more relaxing types of adventures such as a cruise, a round of golf or a wine tasting rather than a day at the nearest amusement park. Your body needs to relax, and low-impact activities can give it the rest it needs. A short hike in nature or a stroll down the beach is always a good idea. Be sure to bring your binoculars and the proper shoes.

Eat Well and Enjoy

Don’t start a new diet just before you head out on a vacation. Check out the area restaurants that serve delicious local cuisine. Stay away from fast food or chain eateries. Explore the local establishments that feature recipes of the region. Ask the people who live there about great places to dine. Visit the farmers market for fruits and veggies to snack on. Often, there are fresh-baked goods if you want to try bread or pastries. Some homemade jelly or jam could be an added surprise. You will feel more relaxed if you eat well and your body is happy.

Pack Thoughtfully

When you pack, make sure that you have researched the weather and proper attire for your activities. Take enough clothing to make it through the vacation. You do not want to spend time washing clothes when you could be having fun. Be sure to include items such as beach towels, clothes for hiking, a bathing suit or formal attire if you have activities that require these items. It is not very relaxing to be uncomfortable or inappropriately dressed.

Make Reservations in Advance

One part of your preparations to go on vacation is to research where you are going to be staying. You may need to reserve transportation dates and lock in fares. You should also consider the activities you would enjoy and determine if reserving these is possible. Restaurants may consider advanced bookings. The more you do ahead of time, the less you’ll have to attend to on your vacation. Making your itinerary before will allow you to be more relaxed while you’re gone.

You may feel guilty about walking away from your work responsibilities, but know you will only be healthier for doing so. The stress from work often robs our daily lives of our ability to unwind. The need to relax is not an indulgence that you can do without. Slowing down occasionally is necessary to your well-being, and a change of pace is vital. Do some planning before your departure so that all you’ll have to do on your vacation is relax.

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Strange Odor at Oakland Airport Sends Travelers to the Hospital



We have seen more issues with strange odors on airplanes in the last year or so than at any time, some so severe they required a diverted landing.

Now comes word that another incident has taken place, only this time it was actually inside the airport.

Four people were taken to local hospitals by the Oakland (Calif.) Fire Department on Tuesday after an unknown substance began giving off a strange odor at Oakland International Airport.

According to Fox News, the odor came from a small box at one of the ticketing counters that is used to discard items that cannot be brought on a plane via carry-on bag – water bottles, bottles of cologne or mouthwash larger than three ounces, etc.

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The airport played it safe and called the fire department, which sent a Hazmat crew according to the NBC TV affiliate in the Bay Area. There was no disruption to airport services, though four people were taken to the hospital to be checked out for precautionary reasons.

This is the latest in a series of numerous reports of odors emanating from a plane or airport just in the last year or so alone, much less beyond that time frame.

Some have been fumes that have forced flights to land.

Some have forced flights to divert to other airports.

Some have been so overwhelming that passengers and crew were hospitalized.

And some have even been visible – if you like your airplane cabin filling with an unknown fog.

The Oakland Fire Dept. is still investigating the cause of the odor.

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