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Viral Tweet of ‘Boardroom Suite’ Inspires Travelers to Share Weirdest Hotel Rooms



In a rather unexpected move, the Comfort Inn has added quite a unique feature to their boardroom: a queen-sized bed.

Nobody wants to be stranded after a canceled flight, but that is unfortunately what happened to Eoin Carrigan at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport last weekend. Not wanting to spend the night at the airport, he decided to check into a standard queen room at the Comfort Inn. To Carrigan’s surprise, however, he found himself in the hotel’s “boardroom suite” with amenities including a large boardroom table, nine swivel chairs, and a bed placed neatly in the corner of the room.

Carrigan went on to share a picture of his accommodations on social media.

“Flight out of Chicago canceled so I’ve been put up in the O’Hare Comfort Inn. Lady at reception said I’m in the ‘Boardroom Suite’. I thought to myself ‘weird name,’ then walked into this,” he wrote on Twitter, emphasizing his amusement over the situation with a laughing-crying emoji.

After the post went viral, garnering around 80,000 likes, Carrigan realized he was not alone in his strange experience, as many others came forward to share their own odd lodgings.

From other boardroom “suites” to a 2m x 1.5m room with no air conditioning room labeled as a fallout shelter, there is no shortage of questionable decisions made by hotels.

The Comfort Inn has yet to comment on the room, so we can only speculate whether their decision to add a bed to a boardroom was pragmatic or simply a really good joke.

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