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France and Spain Now Open to Fully Vaccinated Americans



France and Spain

Though US domestic travel is picking up in the last months, many are wondering when will international travel come back.

The European Union announced last month that they are welcoming fully vaccinated individuals from countries that had COVID under control. Spain and France are among EU countries that recently eased their travel restrictions on fully vaccinated American travelers.

What You Need to Know If You’re Traveling to France and Spain

As of June 7, Spain opened its borders to tourists who have been fully immunized with a vaccine that is approved by either the World Health Organization or the European Medicines Agency. Travelers just need to complete their vaccination at least 14 days before arriving in Spain to be considered fully immunized.

American travelers will also need to show proof of their vaccination. For children older than 6 years old, parents will need to show a negative COVID test or a certificate that proves recovery from COVID in the last 90 days.

France, on the other hand, will reopen to American tourists by June 9. By following the same requirement as Spain, American travelers can skip the 7-day quarantine. However, travelers who received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine will have to wait for 4 weeks to be considered fully immunized.

By July, Americans can use the EU-wide vaccine certificate program that can prove their vaccination status.

Several Options for Americans in Europe

Aside from France and Spain, other parts of Europe are also available for American tourists to enjoy the summer. Cyprus and Greece are among the countries that didn’t wait for the EU to make an announcement.

Though fully vaccinated individuals can enter Europe, it is not yet clear whether they will allow travelers who received vaccines from Russia and China. These vaccines don’t have the same amount of data compared to their Western counterparts such as Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson.