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Whether travelling for business or leisure, most of us don’t go anywhere without some kind of device. From planning presentations to writing blogs or simply a bit of Netflix; we all have our different travel needs. Perhaps you’re wondering which device you should take on your next trip? Many of us have a preferred device when we’re at home, but things change somewhat when we are taking a trip. So just what is the best device for travelling?

The Tablet: Pros

 Many people prefer to take a tablet instead of a laptop when they go on their travels. There are plenty of pros to doing so:

  1. Lightweight. One pro to taking a tablet with you on your travels is that they are much lighter to carry. For those who prioritize travelling light, you won’t want to lug around a heavier laptop. 
  2. Great camera. When you’re on your travels you’ll likely want to take some pictures. Sure you’ll have your phone for this, but sometimes it’s nice to have another photo taking option. Perhaps for when you’ve arrived at a picture-perfect spot and your phones run out of juice. Generally speaking, laptop cameras aren’t made for taking lots of pictures. 
  3. Less expensive. Tablets are of course less expensive than laptops, so if you lose or break one; you might not be as concerned or out of pocket. Some travellers choose to buy a cheap tablet before they go travelling (especially if visiting a destination whereby the likelihood of theft is high). Ensure to research the best tablets for travelling before you buy.
  4. Apps. Tablets can be packed with apps and games; if you’re travelling with kids, these can be a real life-saver. 



  • No Keyboard. If you’re travelling for work, you’ll likely need a device with a keyboard. You might be working on a project or some research- and this is hard to achieve without one. For a productive business trip, a tablet might not be your best option. 
  • Is a smartphone better? For some travellers, all you really need is a smartphone when you think about it. From checking emails to researching destinations or watching Youtube; you can do it all on your phone. Having a tablet might just be an added unnecessary item. 


The Laptop: Pros

  1. Keyboard. With a laptop, you’ve got your keyboard to do all the work that you desire! You can add a keyboard to a tablet, but many don’t find this as practical when you’ve got lots of typing to do.
  2. Versatile. Laptops are far more versatile than tablets; there’s so much that you can do on them! You’ll have all the software and storage space that you could ask for plus all those neat tricks you can do with a Macbook. From split-screen functions to digitally signing PDF documents; the world is your oyster! You can make use of a free pdf editor for Mac or have unit conversations in spotlight. 

 Laptop cons

  1. Heavy weight. Laptops can be a little bulkier, and you can’t so easily pop them in your bag. You’ll need a case and proper laptop bag to carry them around safely.
  2. Risk of theft. You may be a target of theft if you’re carrying an expensive laptop. Ensure that you always have the right travel insurance to protect yourself should the worst happen.

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