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Many of us spend time traveling for work. It can sound exciting, but you might spend most of your time working in hotel rooms and traveling between meetings. These aren’t holidays. They are work. However, they are still a chance to see more of the world. Have a more productive flight, try to get more done before you arrive, and you might even manage to get some free time to see the sites when you arrive. Even if you can just get a little done on the plane,  you’ll arrive ready for your meetings and keen to get stuck in. 

Enjoy the Airport

The airport can be exciting. But, if you travel for business a lot, you are probably long passed being wowed with duty-free. So, instead, use the time hanging around at the airport as a chance to work. Arrive in plenty of time to clear security without a stressful rush. Then, get set up. Find a comfortable area with wifi access, get a coffee and try to block the world out for a while. If you’ve got meetings or appointments when you land, this is a fantastic time to prepare, do some research, read through your notes or draw up an agenda. 


Upgrade to Business-Class

If you want a productive flight, paying for a flight upgrade can be ideal, especially if you can claim it as an expense. Business-class means that you’ve got more space to work, you might have a better table for your laptop or notes, and the in-flight facilities might be more professional. Business-class is also likely to be quieter, with fewer children, hen parties, lads holidays and rowdy passengers, and more people trying to work peacefully. 


Plan What You Are Going to Get Done

Traveling makes you tired. While it might seem like hours that you can spend tackling big jobs and really getting stuck into projects that need focus and time, it doesn’t always work out. Even with more legroom and better facilities, sitting on a plane isn’t like being in your office. You might be uncomfortable, you’ll be tired, and you might face constant interruptions from staff and people moving around. There’s also no guarantee of internet access. Plenty of flight providers now offer wifi, but it’s not always that good and may have limits and restrictions. So, plan your work carefully. Find some mindless tasks, like doodling some new designs, planning your business private reg plates, drafting some emails or writing lists, that need doing, but don’t require too much thought. Perhaps some of the things that aren’t important enough to get your time when you are in the office. 


Take the Right Carry on Luggage

You’ve planned out what you are going to do, so now you know what you need. Pack your laptop, or a tablet, which can be easier to use on the go. Think of any books or notes that you might need, as well as the basics like a pen. Remember, when you are in the air, there’s no popping to the office to pick something up. 

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