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Travelling the world is something that most people can only dream about. Life, money, circumstances, opportunities all things that can derail your plans if you aren’t careful. But there is nothing to say your dream has to stay a dream and not breakthrough into reality. Even if you have to wait a little bit longer than you would have wanted to. Or it doesn’t come to reality until later in life. You can still keep planning and preparing for the time you can fully experience your dreams and get to travel around the world.

Regardless of when you plan to take your trip, there are a few things you need to consider before you embark on your journey. To make sure you are ready and have a set plan in place for how to fully sustain your trip and make sure you get to experience everything you want to without having to compromise on anything.

Planning and preparation are key, as is making sure you have enough funds to cover you for the duration of your trip. So let’s look at the easiest ways you can save for a round the world trip. After all, you want to be able to relax and fully enjoy your once in a lifetime dream trip, without worrying how you will afford to get from one place to the next or how you will be able to afford to eat.

Planning and Preparation.

Aside from the actual trip itself, this is possibly one of the most fun parts of your trip. Planning your destinations, what you want to see and do in each place and how long you plan to stay there. This is also one of the most important parts. Unless you have unlimited funds or plan to work your way around the world, knowing where you are going and how long you are staying is essential.

Plan flights from place to place, cross country travel and transfers and stopovers. Make sure you can feasibly make all of you connections easily without having to struggle. If the planned route doesn’t work, try another route to make sure your trip and travel times are smoother and easier. After all, a holiday isn’t supposed to be stressful. So be flexible with your trip and look at all options before booking anything and making the commitment.

Look at all the travel laws for the countries you intend to visit and make sure you have the correct paperwork, time left on your passport and any visas too. If you are working during your trip, then make sure to apply for the correct visas for each country. The last thing you want is to be breaking the law and risk being denied entry to carry on your travels.

Compare prices of different hotels. Look at how expensive it is to live in each country/city and how much money you will need as a minimum. Then save some more. Read travel blogs from people who have been there and look for those with information that can help you out practically and not just give you a glossy overview.

Make sure you also have appropriate travel insurance to cover you should anything unexpected happen. For example, illnesses, accidents, missed flights or connections and lost luggage to name a few.


This is one of the main reasons people don’t carry through with plans to travel the world. It can be really expensive, dependant on the length of your trip and mode of transport too. there are no hard and set rules on how you travel. This is one of the best things about around the world travel. It isn’t a package and you can literally build your own holiday to be exactly how you want it. But this can come at a cost.

If you have done your research as we mentioned above, then you will already know the most cost-effective ways to travel and the lowest priced accommodation. Once you have an itinerary set, you can then look at costs and how you can best save to help you afford what you need. It is always better to have more before you set off. How much extra is up to you. The last thing you want is to be half a world away from home and having money worries.

So set a plan in action on how exactly you can save up and pay for your round the world trip.

Making adjustments to your spending habits is the easiest way to save money. Look at what you are spending and reduce that figure to a more manageable amount. This will help you to be able to put away some money each month. Maybe think about not upgrading your mobile phone when your current contract ends and look at SIM-only deals whilst keeping the same handset. This will save you a considerable amount of money each month as you aren’t paying for the latest model.

Cut back on takeaways, take-out coffees and lunches you buy at work. Check your bills and see what weight you can cut from your expenditure and look at opening a high-interest savings account to help reach your goal a little bit quicker. Simply being a little bit more frugal each month can see your savings build up quicker and start to take your dream into a reality.

Increase Your Earnings.

Simply, the more you make, the more you can spend. Take on a part-time job or a side hustle to help you increase your savings and boost your spending money for your trip. If you are planning on working your way around the world, look at the jobs you can do online. This means you all you need is an internet connection and your laptop/smartphone.  Copywriting, editing, virtual assistants, blogging, proofreading, teaching, SEO, web development are all great options when it comes to jobs you can do from home or wherever in the world you are.

Make sure you are working legally if you are choosing this option. It is always a good idea to have a safety net should anything not go to plan before or during your round the world trip.


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