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Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming if you’re committed to planning and preparing in advance of your trip. The following advice is going to help you plan the perfect vacation, so you have an enjoyable time away and come home feeling relaxed.

While you’ll need to put forth a little bit of extra effort up front, know that your hard work will pay off in the end. Continue to imagine yourself on a beach someplace warm sipping your favorite drink to help keep you feeling motivated to follow through with the following trip planning tips and preparations you’ll want to be sure to complete ahead of time.

Secure the Funds & Determine Your Budget

Your first step in the trip organizing process is to figure out how much money you’re going to need for your getaway. Determine the estimated amount you want to spend and take action to secure the funds in advance so you’ll be all set to book your trip when you’re ready. There’s one option, in particular, you should know about if you’re short on cash and could use a way to still follow through with and take your vacation. Keep in mind that you’re also going to need spending money for when you arrive to use for food and other miscellaneous expenses that pop up.

Research Destinations & Lodging

It’s a wise idea to start doing your homework well in advance so that you have time to properly research different destinations and lodging options. Be mindful of the time of year and track when prices to popular places might be lower. You may not have any clue where you want to go until you actually sit down and start looking places up and reading reviews. You’ll also want to monitor plane ticket and hotel prices along the way and only buy once you feel like you’re getting the best deal. You can plan the perfect vacation by being patient during the researching phase and only jumping on travel deals that fit your budget and you know will be a good time.

Book Activities in Advance

Consider also looking into what activities or excursions interest you at your destination. Book these activities in advance so that you can secure a spot for you and any others coming along. This way you don’t have to worry about doing so once you arrive at your location. It’ll be one less to-do you can cross off your list before you even leave. Once again, you’ll want to read reviews for what other travelers enjoyed doing so you know what is and isn’t worth your money and that you should be doing or staying away from.

Outline an Itinerary  

Plan the perfect vacation by taking the time to outline a tentative itinerary. While you should leave some downtime and moments of relaxation in your schedule, the days will go a lot smoother when you and anyone you’re with knows what to expect and is happening throughout the vacation. Otherwise, you risk being lazy once you arrive and not doing all you wanted to when you were first planning your trip. It’ll be nice to follow some sort of loose schedule for keeping you on track with doing and seeing all you had your heart set on.

Pack Light   

Traveling will be a lot easier and go smoother when you commit to packing light and only bringing what you absolutely need with you. There’s not a lot of room on airplanes and using a carry-on instead of a suitcase means you don’t have to worry about checking a bag and your belongings potentially being lost. There are tips and tricks online for how you can pack light and make sure you’re only bringing the most important and crucial items along with you. The fewer items you have to lug around the better off you’ll be and traveling won’t feel so stressful.

Work Ahead at the Office   

Your vacation will be that much more perfect and relaxing when you don’t have work on your mind. It’s a wise idea to get ahead on your tasks so you don’t have to worry about these important matters once you’re at your destination. Also, see if someone’s available to cover for you while you’re away from the office so you don’t have to always be checking your messages. The last situation you want is to have work matters looming over you while you’re trying to have fun on your trip. Whoever you’re with will also appreciate you not always being glued to your work responsibilities while you’re on vacation. If you must check in with work while you’re on your trip then pick a time of day to scan through your emails and then sign off as soon as possible.

Unplug Once You Arrive

Pay attention to how much you want to be on your phone and computer while you’re away. This is a good opportunity to put your electronics aside and simply live in the moment. Try to soak up the sights, sounds and smells around you instead of checking emails and seeing what’s happening on social media. You’ll appreciate your vacation that much more and come home well rested when you don’t spend every waking hour of your getaway playing on your electronics. It may feel strange to be tech-free for this stretch of time but it’s more than likely you’ll also feel refreshed and not so stressed out when you remove yourself from this constant stimulation.


While there’s a lot to think about and do if you want to plan the perfect vacation, keep in mind that you’ll be a much happier person on your trip if you pay attention to these matters. Take time to prepare and plan in advance so that you feel ready when it’s time to depart and don’t have to worry about much once you arrive. Make note of what you might want to change or do differently the next time around and continue to improve upon the trip planning process as time goes on.

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