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Dad Goes Viral for Routinely Embarrassing Daughter at the Airport



There’s nothing quite like a cheesy dad joke, and one father from Missouri always comes up with a comical way to surprise his daughter when she arrives at the airport, Courtney Payne shared with the world via Twitter.

Both the Daily Mail and Fox News reported on 24-year-old Courtney’s dad, Doug Payne, amuses himself and her (and, presumably, curious onlookers) every time she comes home for a visit, by standing in the arrivals area of the Kansas City Airport holding his creative, comical signage.

Photos she shared on December 15 revealed that her parental chauffeur has met her in the past dressed in a serious-looking black suit and holding up a sign that announced: “KC welcomes Miranda Lambert”.

Another time, his neon posterboard read “Welcome to KC, Miss Oregon, Courtney Payne” and, in still another instance, her celebrity status was further elevated with a sign that simply read “Kardashian”.

When she came home from graduate school for winter break this past weekend, Doug saw a perfect opportunity to escalate his shenanigans and really create a spectacle at the airport that would make Courtney blush. He showed up decked out in a complete Santa’s Elf costume, holding a sparkling sign that read “Santa’s Naughty List: Courtney Payne”.

In a hilarious video of the incident that she shared online, you can see Courtney’s mixed emotions of total embarrassment mixed with good-natured laughter.

Apparently, 53-year-old Doug is in disbelief over Courtney’s post having gone viral and she posted a follow-up video of her dad stating that there’s “no way” her tweet could have become so widespread, since she doesn’t, “even know that many people.”

Still, it’s true. Social media seems to love Doug and his poor, abashed daughter, with the original tweet having accumulated nearly 60,000 “likes” thus far. One commenter said “You are lucky to have such a lovely (and reliable) dad”, and many more echoed the sentiment. A few Twitter users even commented that they’d seen Doug at the airport before, waving his signs.

Whatever may scrawl on Courtney’s future welcome-wagon signs, it’s clear that, for good or ill, her dad will always stand out in the crowd.

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