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What Cruise-Selling Travel Advisors Can Do Right Now



This week on the TravelPulse Podcast, co-hosts Eric Bowman and Dan Callahan were joined by Denella Ri’chard, former Senior Director, Trade Engagement & Onboard Sales for Holland America Line.

Ri’chard shared her insight on a number of topics, from the latest cruise news, hotels in the era of COVID-19, domestic travel, what advisors can be doing right now and the overall importance of using travel advisors.

“I think they should be continuing to book for 2021 and 2022,” Ri’chard said. “Because again, the pent up demand is out there, the interest is there, the bookings are coming in now. I think it’s really an encouraging time, it’s probably one of the most exciting times I’ve ever seen for travel advisors because we need them more now than ever…because people need advice. Where can I go right now? So, whether it’s domestic travel or whether it’s international travel, you need somebody that can help navigate you in that decision. Travel advisors are the experts.”

“So, if I’m a travel advisor, I am updating myself on that information and keeping myself informed so that I am the knowledge expert.”

Additionally, Ri’chard talks about her new travel TV show, which you can watch every Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. ET on the CJC network.

View the entire video interview on YouTube here.

Listen to the TravelPulse Podcast here.

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