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Venture Like a True Explorer for Antarctica’s 200th Anniversary



Cold-climate adventurers will want to get onboard with specialist company Wildfoot Travel this year, which marks the 200th anniversary of Antarctica’s discovery, on a one-of-a-kind exploration into one of Earth’s few remaining wildernesses.

As climate change accelerates dramatic changes to this vast and varied frozen landscape, even affecting the ability of wildlife to survive here, tourism to the White Continent is already on the rise. Intrepid travelers who join Wildfoot Travel’s Antarctic Explorer Expedition will experience it the way that no one else can, following in the footsteps of the men who first discovered this entrancing, otherworldly setting.

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In 1820, a team of Russian explorers first set foot on an ice shelf at Princess Martha Coast and officially became the discoverers the globe’s southernmost continent.

During an eleven-day journey aboard the luxury polar vessel, World Explorer, guests will retrace their footsteps 200 years to discover for themselves the myriad of natural wonders and awe-inspiring wildlife that exists at the bottom of the world.

The small-ship, five-star service vessel comes complete with a glass-domed observation lounge, an Explorer Lounge, observation deck with a walkway that encircles the forward bow wildlife viewing area, a library, outdoor running track, gym, sauna, spa, dining room, bar and beautiful bedroom suites, each with its own balcony, private bathroom, seating area and state-of-the-art “infotainment” system.

The ship also boasts an advanced, environmentally-friendly hybrid propulsion system and a silent mode for undisturbed wildlife encounters.

A variety of adventure experiences, both on land and sea, await, in addition to somewhat quieter onboard lectures and presentations from experts. At each stop, guests can hop aboard a Zodiac boat for up-close investigations of bays, channels and landing sites, always with a chance of spotting some humpback or minke whales, seals or penguin rookeries.

Camping on ice, hiking to peaks with panoramic views, ocean kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and even a plunge into freezing polar waters are all on the docket.

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