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Lindblad Expeditions Becomes Cruise Industry’s First Self-Disinfecting Fleet



Lindblad Expeditions has become the first self-disinfecting fleet in the cruise industry after implementing the Premium Purity system fleetwide.

Premium Purity is a unique cleaning system that reduces the impact on the environment. It incorporates ACT CleanCoat, a photocatalytic transparent and odorless antibacterial spray. The spray can be used on any surface, which then becomes self-disinfecting upon application.

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When illuminated, unwanted microbes like bacteria, viruses, mold and airborne allergens begin to break down. The spray also purifies and deodorizes the air for up to one year.

ACT CleanCoat forgoes harmful chemicals and instead uses the ACT ECA water system, created by electrolysis of salt and water, to safely clean the rooms throughout the ship while posing no harm to those aboard and the environment.

This new development marks another measure taken by Lindblad to achieve sustainability in the travel industry. The cruise line became a carbon-neutral company in 2019, offsetting 100 percent of emissions from their ships, all land-based operations, employee travel, offices in New York and Seattle and other contributors.

In 2018, Lindblad eliminated single-use plastics fleetwide. Other initiatives include a sustainable seafood program, building new ships that reduce emissions while increasing efficiency, mandating supply chain solutions to eliminate plastic, sourcing and serving local organic produce and making crew uniforms from recycled plastic.

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