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Cruise Ship Doctor Says Many Hungover Passengers Claim They’re Sea Sick



Cruise ship medical expert Ben Macfarlane has shared that people on cruises often pretend to be seasick when they’re more likely hungover.

In his book Cruise Ship SOS, Macfarlane shares what his medical colleague told him, “Seasickness is a very convenient illness.”

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“You’ll notice that the people who suffer the most are the ones who were in the bar knocking back mojitos at 2 a.m. the previous night.”

His colleague also said, “You’ll also see that these people never have hangovers. They come to us with sore heads in the morning because they’re prone to ‘migraines.’”

“They feel sick when they wake up because of the air-conditioning in the staterooms, not because of all the vintage port they consumed at midnight.”

Apparently, the doctor would provide unusual cures like fried garlic and pork to those claiming to be seasick, when he knew otherwise.

“The stuff of maritime legend. A time-honoured cure for sea-sickness,” said the doctor.

The next time you’re on a cruise ship and a cruise ship doctor suggests fried garlic and pork to someone who is ‘seasick,’ you’ll know what that means.

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