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Coronavirus Outbreak Continues to Impact Cruise Industry



As fears surrounding the continued coronavirus outbreak in China spread, ports around the world are turning away ships and forcing cruise lines to alter itineraries.

According to, three cruise ships have made headlines recently when they were denied entry at ports of call on their schedules, including Holland America Line’s Westerdam, which was turned away in Manilla.

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AIDA Cruises also dealt with the backlash of the coronavirus, as the AIDAperla was denied entry into two Caribbean ports, including St. Lucia and Dominica. The ship was scheduled to dock Saturday when St. Lucia’s Department of Health & Wellness was informed of several passengers showing signs of upper respiratory tract infections.

As a result, officials denied entry to the vessel and its 3,000 passengers.

In Japan, the government quarantined the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama on Monday after it was confirmed that a man who sailed aboard the ship last month tested positive for coronavirus.

Princess Cruises was forced to cancel the next voyage as an extensive cleaning process was necessary to disinfect the ship. The passengers on board at the time were screened by health professionals as well.

Last week, around 6,000 passengers and crew members were held aboard the Costa Smeralda cruise ship in Italy as officials investigated a potential coronavirus case of a 54-year-old Chinese national who showed flu-like symptoms. The tests came back negative.

Cruise Critic also reported cruise ships were banned last week from entering the South Pacific Islands.

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