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CDC Issues Travel Advice for Thanksgiving Holiday



CDC Issues Travel Advice for Thanksgiving Holiday

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced their recommendation Thursday that Americans should avoid traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday period.

According to the CDC’s official website, the agency’s COVID-19 incident manager Dr. Henry Walke said there is a serious risk of spreading the virus from one area to another as travelers visit loved ones in other parts of the country.

As a result of the potential for a further outbreak, the CDC recommends avoiding travel at this time. If Americans have to travel, though, the agency said they should follow the same everyday recommendations, including wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing.

“It’s not a requirement. It’s a recommendation for the American public to consider,” Walke said. “Right now, especially as we’re seeing this sort of exponential growth in cases, and the opportunity to translocate disease or infection from one part of the country to another, it leads to our recommendation to avoid travel at this time.”

As part of the CDC’s updated Thanksgiving guidance, guests should bring their own food, drinks, plates and utensils; avoid congregating in the kitchen; host gatherings outside; and clearly explaining coronavirus-related rules ahead of time.

In addition to the CDC, three major medical organizations published an open letter to Americans on Thursday urging precaution during the holidays, including the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association and the American Nurses Association.

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