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After a year of travel restrictions, many are looking at the possibility of traveling to exotic destinations this summer. Though things improved, most destinations abroad will require a negative COVID19 test for their unvaccinated visitors. Urgent care facility CareNow now offers pre-flight COVID19 rapid testing for American Airlines passengers. They will provide COVID19 testing for travelers traveling to 13 international destinations including the Caribbean and parts of Central America. Apart from international destinations, the urgent care facility will also provide testing for travelers going to Hawaii.

Jami Rimer of Las Vegas CareNow said that “A lot of our Las Vegas community are traveling right now and the COVID19 requirements are so confusing”. Rimer added that “this partnership with American Airlines is really wonderful because we take all the guesswork out of it for our community”.

Quick and Easy Process from CareNow

Dr. Lamont Tyler who is the Market Medical Director of HCA/CareNow explains how the process works. Tyler said that “They have to have proof and come in with their ticket and reservation”. He added that they will allow travelers to be doing a web check-in. From here, Dr. Tyler said that “ we can bring them back and get the testing done for them, and then facilitate with their results and test in hand”.

There will be two types of COVID19 tests available. Travelers can opt for the on-site rapid test or the PCR lab test. The rapid test will be made available in just 15 minutes. The travelers will then receive a physical and an electronic copy of the test result before they even leave the clinic.

Most destinations will require unvaccinated individuals to show a negative COVID19 test result. Currently, the US fully vaccinated 43.7% of their total population according to the CDC. The US also announced that they are looking at the possibility of hitting the 70% mark by July 4.

John Michael Jayme
John Michael Jayme
John Michael Jayme is a Travel Analyst for The Jet Set. He writes about news and events affecting the travel industry.






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