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Amtrak Announces Free Ride When Booking Sleeping Accommodation



Amtrak announced a unique buy-one-get-one-free offer for travelers who want to see the United States via rail this winter.

Available exclusively on Amtrak’s official website between October 8-14, travelers who purchase a roomette or bedroom will be able to bring a friend or loved one for free from November 11 through April 8, 2020.

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There is a caveat, as blackout dates apply and the sale is not valid on the Auto Train.

The sleeping accommodations offered by Amtrak include meals as part of the price of a ticket on most routes, comfortable seating by day and chairs that convert into a bed for two at night.

“Recognizing the need to get more out of every moment, we wanted to offer our customers a truly unique way to experience the country,” Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson said in a statement. “With our sleeper sale, customers can share the experience while taking in some of the best views and sightseeing opportunities the United States has to offer.”

Roomettes and bedrooms are also complete with bed linens, pillows, temperature controls, lights, electrical outlets and a fold-down table. Travelers will also have access to a dedicated sleeping car attendant who will assist with meals, make and take down beds, assist with luggage and more.

Here is a selection of special prices available during the sale with fares, via

Pairing Cities Roomette Bedroom
Chicago – Emeryville $496 $875
Los Angeles – Seattle $383 $712
Chicago – New Orleans $272 $322
Chicago – Whitefish $436 $724
New Orleans – New York $417 $600
Chicago – East Glacier Park $426 $703
New Orleans – Washington, DC $372 $487
Memphis – New Orleans $155 $186
Los Angeles – New Orleans $441 $820
Washington, DC – Miami $345 $630
New York – Atlanta $349 $537
Boston – Chicago $354 $586

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Amtrak Asks Government for More Bailout Money



Amtrak announced Tuesday it has requested another $1.475 billion in bailout funding from the United States government to avoid service cuts and route suspensions as a result of reduced demand caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

While the rail company received $1 billion in emergency funding in April, Amtrak officials said the continued impact of the viral pandemic on business has forced them to reduce operating costs by approximately $500 million.

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Amtrak plans to cut costs through restructuring its workforce and controlling discretionary expenses. The funds would be used to maintain minimum service levels and continue capital investments for the future.

“As the severity and duration of this pandemic and its economic fallout become clearer, we are seeking supplemental federal funding for the next fiscal year,” Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn said in a letter to congress.

“It is clear that Amtrak faces daunting challenges in Fiscal Year 2021, which will require us to take action to protect our rail network, our critical capital assets, and the livelihoods of our employees,” Flynn continued.

Even with the government assistance, Amtrak revealed it still plans to extend service cuts, as social distancing guidelines will continue to capacity limits as travel demand returns. Flynn also said the railroad faces “daunting challenges” that will require the company to take action.

Amtrak officials said revenue for the next fiscal year is expected to fall by $1.6 billion and to run a $1.4 billion loss after it nearly broke even last year. Employee expenses are expected to be cut by $350 million.

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