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How to Prepare to Travel to Your Industry Trade Show



Attending a trade show enables you to connect with lots of potential customers in a short amount of time. Because of this, they are a popular way to drive sales and boost business. In order to make the most out of this opportunity, it is important to have a clear objective and a plan to achieve that. Here are three things to do before you take off for your industry trade show.

Make Travel Reservations

Once you have decided on the trade show to attend, you can begin the process of making the travel arrangements. Because you will be headed back and forth to the trade show floor multiple times per day, it is a good idea to choose lodging accommodations that are located as close as possible to the event. Be sure to make flight reservations with time on the front end to set up your booth and plenty of time to take it down before having to leave. Momondo recommends making your travel arrangements ahead of time. This is especially important if the trade show that you are attending draws a significant amount of people.

Plan for Your Booth

You will bring more people to your booth if you make it attractive. In addition to attractive signage, many vendors find success with boosting foot traffic by offering a free promotional item or free sample. Just offering a promotional item isn’t good enough, however. You also need an eye-catching display. Use professionally designed banners and signage to make attendees more aware of your product.

Set Your Goals

One of the biggest initiatives when attending a trade show is connecting with potential clients and current customers. Your participation at the event will have more focus if you take the time to set your goals prior to arriving. Not only do you need to think about specific goals, but you also need to brainstorm ways in which you will meet these objectives. For example, if your goal is to come away from the trip with 100 new contacts, how will you achieve this? If you are traveling with a team, be sure that everyone has a specific duty to carry out while at the trade show.

Furthermore, My Absolute Beauty points out that attending trade shows gives you unique access to the latest industry trends and ideas. This gives you the edge of knowing what your competitors are up to, and is a way to gather ideas for future launches of new products and services.

You will have a much more successful trade show experience if you take some time to plan ahead. Do everything you can to leverage this facetime with customers so that you can see a good jump in your business’ growth.

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