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Broward Mayor Wants Alternatives For the Resumption of the Cruise Industry



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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allowed the resumption of the cruise industry. However, Broward Mayor Steve Geller requested the health agency for alternatives that can get the cruise industry to sail again. In a letter sent to CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, Geller wants the CDC to consider the proposal raised by Norwegian Cruise Line.

According to Norwegian Cruise Line, it proses 100% of both passenger and crew be vaccinated and drop the mask requirement. The current guideline requires cruise ships to skip simulated voyages if 98% of the crew and 95% of the passengers completed their vaccination.

In a statement by Broward Mayor Geller, he said that “I want to get the cruise industry up and running again as soon as safely as possible”. However, the Broward Mayor’s request may have some problems. For instance, the mask mandate has been extended. It means that travelers will have to wear masks on public transportation including cruises.

Expected Changes in The Cruise Industry

Things won’t be the same in the cruise industry even if it gets started by July. For instance, there will be no buffets. Also, there will only be limited instances when passengers can remove their masks. The only times they can remove their mask is when they go to the pool or when they are eating and if they are inside their cabin. On top of that, social distancing will always be practiced.

Uncertainty in Florida

It is also not yet sure whether or not cruise lines can operate in Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis played a role in banning vaccine passports in the state. His executive order is set to become law by July 1 just in time for the cruise industry’s supposed date of resumption. It means that businesses can’t check for the vaccination status of both customers and employees.