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Woman Using Toddler’s Passport Allowed to Fly



One woman must look much younger than she is.

Without realizing, Lenesha Riley, age 33, boarded an EasyJet flight from London’s Luton Airport to Berlin with her toddler’s passport.

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While the incident was a mistake, the amazing thing is that, apparently, no one noticed.

According to a report on, Riley accidentally grabbed her son Josiah’s passport—he’s a toddler.

That didn’t put a stop to her travels, however. Riley, airport security and airline employees didn’t even notice the error.

The problem did come to light when she tried to enter Germany, however, but the story does have a happy ending.

After German officials noticed the error, a family member was able to text the true details of her passport to border agents, and she was allowed to enter the country.

A spokesperson for Easyjet issued a statement noting that Riley had “submitted the correct details online” to gain access to her boarding pass, but added that “the additional visual check carried out prior to boarding should have picked up the passport issue.”

Luton airport also issued a statement saying that “at no point was security at the airport compromised.”

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