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Woman Runs Naked Through Miami Airport



Flying can be stressful, but one woman in Florida apparently couldn’t handle the pressure as she stripped down completely naked while walking through the airport.

WARNING: Video contains partial nudity and may be considered NSFW.

According to CBS Miami, witnesses at Miami International Airport say they were waiting at the baggage claim area Wednesday at around midnight when a women wearing dark blue underwear walked by stripping off her clothes.

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The video shows the woman reportedly singing as she takes off her clothes before she is fully nude inside the airport. The woman was then seen jumping on a police car before running into the arms of an officer, who took her into custody.

Miami police officers said the woman involved in the stripping incident is from out of state and has been taken into custody for a mental evaluation. Authorities said she was incoherent and delusional at the time of the arrest.

This is not the first time tourists have gotten in trouble for getting naked. In September, two Czech travelers were fined an estimated $3,320 after police found the men swimming naked in a Venice canal.

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