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Woman Involved in Reclining Seat Controversy Threatens to Sue American Airlines



The woman whose viral video of a man punching the back of her seat triggered a national debate about reclining airplane seats – again – is now threatening to sue, according to reports.

Wendi Williams said she feels slighted that American Airlines told TMZ that by reclining in her seat she knocked over a drink the man behind her had.

Williams claims the statement is false, defamatory and that the flight attendants were rude to her.

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“Please refrain from placing any blame about what happened to me on your awful airline with your rude flight attendant!” she tweeted. “And if I inadvertently spilled a drink on the “man” – I had NO idea that happened.”

Williams was flying from New Orleans to Charlotte on Jan. 31 when she reclined her seat. The passenger directly behind her was in the last row of the plane and therefore could not recline his seat. He began punching the back of her seat repeatedly; Williams took out her phone and began to take video of the incident.

She uploaded the video on Feb. 8 to her Twitter account after, she says, multiple attempts to have American Airlines “do the right thing.” Williams, who claims she was injured in the incident, apparently was seeking compensation and was infuriated when the man was given a free drink and she was handed a “passenger disturbance notice” when she refused to stop filming on her cellphone.

After uploading the video, a national debate ensued. Both sides weighed in, with many saying the woman had every right to recline her seat while many sided with the man behind her, saying his space was limited because his seat, against a wall, could not recline.

In fact, even Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian became involved in the argument while being interviewed on CNBC.

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Airline News

American Airlines Offering Roundtrip Fares as Low as $32



Granted, there are very few people taking to the air these days in the wake of the devastating global spread of the coronavirus.

But American Airlines, for whatever reason, is offering one of those crazy once-in-a-lifetime deals.

As first reported by One Mile At A Time, American has a fare through the month of April where you can fly from Miami to Los Angeles for $16 each way.

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Yep, that’s right – $32 roundtrip to go coast to coast.

No doubt it’s one of the most eye-catching, startling fares ever offered, even better than when some airlines run a buy one/get one special. Not that we didn’t believe One Mile At A Time, one of the most well-respected and well-read aviation blogs out there, but we had to see this for ourselves.

Sure enough, when TravelPulse checked it out on Sunday, the fare had increased.

By eight whole dollars.

Choosing random dates and leaving Miami International Airport for Los Angeles International on April 22 and returning April 29, the fare for basic economy was $40 roundtrip. Want a better seat? Main cabin fares were just $96 roundtrip. (Forget about first class. You didn’t think American was that generous, did you? Those fares were $854 roundtrip.)

For the month of May, again choosing random dates and leaving Miami on May 13 and returning May 20, we found basic economy roundtrip fares for $56 and main cabin for $121.

So who’s going to take a flyer on these fares while the virus is still raging?

Certainly, there will be some folks, especially those that might absolutely need to travel more immediately. Or, you might have the gamblers out there who will take the chance that the pandemic and the restrictions will come to an end sooner than later, making the purchase of a May flight seem like a steal.

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