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United Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing Due to Cabin Pressure Issue



A United Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Maine after reportedly suffering a cabin pressure issue Sunday.

According to The Associated Press, United Flight 986 took off from San Francisco International Airport Sunday afternoon en route to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol when the plane was forced to divert to Bangor early Monday.

In total, there were 210 people on board the aircraft when it encountered a cabin pressure issue that forced it to make an emergency landing. The 13 crew members on the flight helped the 197 passengers safely deplane the Boeing 787-9.

There were no injuries reported during the pressurization problem.

The passengers were provided overnight accommodations by United and were then flown from Bangor International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. From there, the impacted travelers were booked on another flight to Amsterdam set to take off Tuesday morning.

Emergency landings have topped headlines recently, including a Los Angeles-bound Alaska Airlines flight traveling from New York City diverting to Kansas City last week. The plane had to land in NYC after a airlines/mans-bathroom-tirade-prompts-emergency-landing-for-alaska-airlines-flight.html” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>passenger launched into a tirade over having to wait in a long line for the bathroom while the first-class lavatories were empty.

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