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The Summer’s Most Delayed Airports



If flight delays tend to get under your skin, then you may want to avoid the famed Greek island of Mykonos.

According to just-released data from AirHelp, half of the flights departing from the island are delayed, making it the most disrupted airport in Europe.

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In fact, if either Mykonos, Santorini or Athens sound like an appealing vacation destination, you might want to think twice, says AirHelp.

Airports in each location have some of the most delayed departing flights. Nearly four to five out of ten flights from these locations were delayed, their air passenger rights company found.

“Chances are high that yours may be delayed on the way back home from these holiday destinations,” the passenger advocacy company said.

Aside from Greece, many airports in Portugal also made it into the top 10 most delayed ranking, including Ponta Delgada Island, Lajes Island and Lisbon.

Many South European airports have a higher delay rate, which interfered with many Americans’ and Europeans’ summer vacation plans this year, AirHelp said.

The company strongly suggests that all travelers departing from these airports pay attention to the delays that are likely waiting ahead and plan more time to accommodate such troubles to avoid entirely disrupting vacation plans.

Back in the United States, here are the top places you’re likely to face a flight delay, according to AirHelp.

Los Angeles International Airport – LAX had a 77.5 percent on-time performance this summer.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – ATL recorded an on-time performance of 76.7 percent.

John F. Kennedy International Airport – All three of the New York City airports made AirHelp’s top 10. But JFK had the best on-time record this summer at 73.7 percent.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport – CLT had a 73.3 percent on-time rate.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport – The on-time performance rate at IAH was 71 percent.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport – Between frequent storms in the area that triggered weather-related delays to the stream of maintenance issues experienced by American Airlines, DFW’s on-time departure rate was less than stellar at 68.5 percent.

Denver International Airport – Yet another city with a less than impressive performance this summer, just 66.1 percent of departures left on-time from Denver.

New York City’s LaGuardia Airport – LGA LaGuardia had an on-time rate of just 66 percent.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport – An airport notorious for delays, only 64.9 percent of flights departed on-schedule this summer.

Newark Liberty International Airport – Only 63.9 percent of flights departed the airport on-time this summer.

If you experienced a delayed flight this summer, check AirHelp’s eligibility tool to see if you may be eligible for compensation from the airline.

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Delta Air Lines Upgrades Health, Safety Guidelines



As travel restrictions are lifted, Delta Air Lines has implemented a series of health protocols to keep passengers safe as they fly again during the coronavirus outbreak and moving forward.

From the time customers check-in for their flights until they collect their bags at the final destination, Delta officials claim the company’s main focus has shifted to the health and safety of passengers.

In the airport, travelers will notice check-in lobbies, self-service kiosks, gate counters and baggage claim are thoroughly wiped down throughout the day, while electrostatic spraying will take place in the planes and throughout terminals.

In addition, Delta continues to install plexiglass shields at check-in counters, in Delta Sky Clubs and at gate counters throughout the United States. Social distance markers will also be added at all of the airports served by the airline.

Hand sanitizer stations will also become easily accessible throughout the facilities.

“The (travel) experience is a very comfortable, a very safe experience, we have taken actions, even above and beyond what the CDC has recommended to ensure safety,” Delta Chief Customer Experience Officer Bill Lentsch said in a statement.

As for the actual onboard experience, Delta is now boarding passengers back to front and limiting it to 10 customers at a time to minimize your contact with others. The carrier is also blocking middle seats, adjusting capacity numbers and requiring face coverings.

Before passengers board the planes, cleaning crews complete an extensive checklist of procedures using high-grade disinfectant to wipe down personal and common areas of the cabin.

Delta also temporarily streamlined food and beverage offerings to reduce touchpoints, with snack bags given out during the first pass through the cabin by flight attendants.

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