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The Joy of the Journey: 5 Ways This Airline Has Mastered Making the Trip Itself Part of Your Holiday



Book the flights, plan the sightseeing, head to the airport, wait in long security lines and toss and turn throughout the multi-hour transatlantic flight: Everything that goes into a trip, from its ideation to the planning to the tiresome flight itself, can be the very definition of tedium.

And yet, as with all things, exasperation born pre-trip can be a matter of perspective. For some, there is a certain poetry in the journey itself that leads to the next holiday destination. Yet, if you can’t seem to find the silver lining up in the clouds, there is consolation, nay celebration, to be found in the fact that certain airlines have mastered the art of turning the journey itself into part of the holiday.

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Emirates Airline is one of those airlines that appears to have figured out how to help you start your holiday before you even board a flight, and certainly while you are aboard. Here are 5 ways the airline is making an art and joy of the journey itself.

Emirate’s pre-travel perks—including travel agents and complimentary airport pick up and drop off service for business and first-class passengers—make planning a breeze.

Emirates offers a number of services to its customers that take the edge off the sting of planning travel. The airline offers in-house travel agents who not only take care of booking your flights, but can plan an entire ground itinerary for your holiday. This means you can spend less time making arrangements and instead pass the time in anticipation of your actual vacation.

If you are booked to travel in Business or First class, the airline also offers complimentary chauffeur service to and from most airports so you can skip the taxi lines and prolong your experience of their heightened hospitality.

Flying through Dubai, one gets to experience the exciting city.

To reach most destinations via Emirates, you’ll most likely have a stopover at the airline’s hub in Dubai. Consider the stop the same as taking the scenic route to your final destination. Dubai itself is a destination de rigueur. The city will play host to Expo 2020, marking the first time the Arab world hosts the World’s Fair. The fast-paced, future-oriented metropolis is as much a petri dish of arts and culture as it is a prism of glitz and glamour.

What’s more, with the airline’s My Emirates Pass, passengers can enjoy exclusive offers at over 500 locations by simply showing their Emirates boarding pass—like 20 percent off admission to LEGOLAND or 25 percent off Dubai Aquarium.

PHOTO: Downtown Dubai. (photo via nicky39/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Dubai is an 8-hour flight, or less, from about 80 percent of the world. A stopover program here makes perfect sense for breaking up a long journey and spicing up your trip with more intrigue.

Fifth freedom routes from New York mean direct flights to European destinations—Emirati style.

For travelers looking to vacation in Europe, especially Italy or Greece, the good news is that the upscale service for which Emirates is known can be enjoyed on two non-stop fifth-freedom flights from the New York area. The airline offers a non-stop flight from New York’s JFK to Milan’s Malpensa Airport—on the luxurious Airbus A380, no less—and from Newark to Athens’s Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport.

While other carriers may also offer direct flights to these destinations, arguably none offer the inflight experience that Emirates does, especially when it comes to their Business and First Class—think personal minibars, 5-course gourmet meals, complimentary Moet champagne and more.

Emirates Airbus A380 interior. (Photo via teamtime / iStock Editorial / Getty Images Plus)

The airline boasts an in-flight bar lounge on many of its routes.

Want to get your holiday started in the air? How about access to a plush on-board bar lounge? Emirates Airlines offers a bar in the sky on its A380 aircrafts for passengers in Business and First Class who wish to get out of their seat and enjoy a relaxing drink before arriving at their destination.

The airline’s highest selling point, its charming crew, make as fantastic bartenders as they do conversationalists. Whether you’d prefer to socialize with fellow passengers or have a solo drink at the dimly lit in-cabin bar, the flight is transformed into the moody magic of a modern-day salon.

With the largest entertainment system in the sky, the airline eases the stress of multigenerational travel.

Many parents dread the long transatlantic flights that lead to their blissful vacation for fear of dealing with restless children. At Emirates, the family experience begins with an award-winning entertainment system, ICE, that features over 4000 channels, thousands of movies, shows, podcasts, music and games. Furthermore, the cabin crew has games, toys and other tricks handy for whoever needs to chill out on a long-haul flight, be it you or your young ones.

The journey to your next holiday doesn’t have to be a thing that foments dread. Instead, turn the travel itself into part of the holiday by choosing an airline that covers all the bases. And, when it comes to experiencing the best out there, Emirates is an industry leader that is as much a lifestyle brand as it is an air carrier.

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Airline News

IATA: Damage to Air Travel Will Extend Into 2023



Any comeback by the beleaguered airline industry will extend into 2023, according to new data released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the airlines’ main trade group.

Long-haul travel will continue to lag behind and passenger fears about flying in general will contribute to the delay, Lonely Planet reported.

IATA estimates that passenger traffic won’t rebound to pre-crisis levels until at least 2023. It expects that global passenger demand in 2021 will be 24 percent below 2019 levels and 32 percent lower than the forecast the association made in October 2019.

The new data is based on a slower opening of economies and relaxation of travel restrictions. Lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders could return if the virus comes back strong in the fall and winter with a second wave, as some health officials have predicted.

In addition, another contributing factor is quarantine measures that have been instituted by various countries as well as individual states in the U.S. According to IATA, 69 percent of recent travelers that it surveyed said they would not consider traveling if it involved a 14-day quarantine period once they arrive at their destination. IATA is asking governments to find alternatives to the quarantine measures.

Of course, all of this is contingent upon the public’s willingness to fly—and instilling confidence in that will take time, said IATA’s director general and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac.

“To protect aviation’s ability to be a catalyst for the economic recovery, we must not make that prognosis worse by making travel impracticable with quarantine measures,” he said. “We need a solution for safe travel that addresses two challenges. It must give passengers the confidence to travel safely and without undue hassle, and it must give governments confidence that they are protected from importing the virus.”

This post was published by our news partner: | Article Source

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