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Politician Taking Stand Against Mid-Flight Farts



A politician in Africa is taking a stand against flatulence on planes by asking for new protocols to stop the offending passengers.

According to, Nairobi MP Lilian Gogo addressed a Kenyan parliamentary debate last Wednesday and expressed her concern with passengers passing gas during long-haul flights and the impact it has on other people onboard.

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Dr. Gogo took a stand after dealing with in-flight flatulence too often.

“There is one irritant that is often ignored and this is the level of farting within the aircraft,” Dr. Gogo told local media outlets. “There are passengers who literally irritate fellow passengers by passing bad smell and uncomfortable fart (sic).”

“If there is any one given irritant that makes people fight on board, it is the fart,” Dr. Gogo continued. “It is terrible within the plane.”

The passing gas debate took place during a meeting to discuss how airlines deal with unruly passengers, which came as a result of a new report from the Kenyan National Assembly Committee on Transport, Public Works and Housing.

When asked about her plan for measures and protocols to combat the flatulence, Dr. Gogo suggested specialized training for crew members, serving food that reduces gas in passengers and limiting the amount of alcohol served on planes.

Dr. Gogo also said passing gas could become a threat to security since passengers will become angrier with each other due to offensive smell, which could result in physical and verbal altercations.

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Airline News

American Airlines Increasing Domestic Service for the Summer



Like the rest of the United States, American Airlines is ready for the summer.

As the demand for air travel slowly rises, American is bringing back suspended routes, offering double AAdvantage miles, reopening Admirals Club lounges and offering enhanced cleaning protocols.

American is planning to fly 55 percent of its domestic schedule and nearly 20 percent of its international schedule in July as compared to the same period last year, totaling around 40 percent of the airline’s systemwide capacity compared to July 2019.

Demand has started to rebound, as the carrier reported it flew a daily average of about 110,000 customers per day in May, which is an increase of 71 percent over the approximately 32,000 passengers it transported daily in April.

“We’re seeing a slow but steady rise in domestic demand. After a careful review of data, we’ve built a July schedule to match,” American Senior Vice President Vasu Raja said in a statement. “Our July schedule includes the smallest year-over-year capacity reduction since March. We’ll continue to look for prudent opportunities to restore service so our customers can travel whenever and wherever they are ready.”

Starting on June 22, American will begin reopening Admirals Club lounges around the country with pre-packaged snack offerings and a full-service bar for customers to enjoy complimentary beverages.

As for the airline’s commitment to health and safety guidelines, American will utilize enhanced cleaning measures, enforce social distancing protocols and provide limited food and beverage offerings.

The carrier is also allowing customers to book with confidence, as American announced it would waive change fees for customers purchasing tickets by June 30. Travelers are allowed to change their origin and destination cities as part of this offer, but must pay any fare difference.

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