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Osaka Airport Opens New Restroom for Dogs



Osaka International Airport in Japan is going to the dogs.

In a good way.

The facility will christen a brand new airport bathroom on Thursday, Feb. 13, and it’s ultra-exclusive. It’s only for dogs.

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Japan’s first airport bathroom for canines includes a shower area as well as a self-cleaning ‘pee-pole.’

Now, don’t laugh. There is a very valid method behind the madness.

The thinking by airport officials is that dogs on board as a service animal or put in the cargo hold to travel will be able to relieve themselves prior to takeoff.

Other Japanese airports like Tokyo’s Narita have indoor areas for service dogs, but ITAMI has taken the concept one step further for both service animals and pets alike.

“We envisioned these dog-toilets would be used before service dogs get on the flight with their owners,” Kei Ogata, a spokeswoman from Kansai airport, tells CNN Travel.

In addition to the toilets, dogs can stretch their paws in an adjacent space while their owners relax on benches. There is also an additional facility inside for canines who are service dogs.

Whether it becomes a trend or not at other airports remains to be seen, but one thing of note if you fly out of Osaka is that this facility is strictly for pets with four paws who can bark.

That’s right, it’s a dog-only restroom so you can’t bring your support pig, lizard, snake or any other animal.

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Airline News

United Airlines Provides Free Flights to Medical Volunteers



United Airlines has partnered with the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City in order to provide free roundtrip flights for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals working to treat patients with coronavirus.

“Our healthcare workers are heroes, and they need reinforcements,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “This generous partnership with United Airlines will ensure medical professionals from across the country can come to New York City to help us in our hour of need.”

New York has become the focal point of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., specifically in New York City, which has more than 50,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Hospital staff quickly found themselves overwhelmed due to overcrowding. Several notable landmarks have been converted into makeshift hospitals throughout the city.

United is also working with local government agencies and non-profit partners to provide New York hospitals with much-needed qualified medical professionals. The airline is closely collaborating with a network of professional medical volunteer organizations to help enlist volunteers and bring them to locations where they are needed the most.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is one of those extraordinary times that demonstrates how we come together as a profession to provide desperately needed assistance and care,” said Society of Critical Care Medicine President, Lewis J Kaplan, M.D., FCCM.

United has joined many brands across the nation to help support front-line responders by providing them free or reduced services.

Several hotels and lodging brands are offering free or subsidized housing for medical workers and front-line responders, while local and national restaurants are providing these workers with free food or large discounts.

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