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One of the reasons why people refuse to travel is because of the quarantine and testing protocols that they will have to undergo. This time around, millions of Americans already received the COVID19 vaccine. In effect, different states are updating their travel protocols. International travelers who completed their vaccination can now enter New York without testing or quarantine.

It was announced after New York allowed domestic travelers to skip testing and quarantine if they‘ve completed their vaccination. To be considered as fully vaccinated, two weeks should’ve passed after receiving the final recommended dose.

The state’s Department of Health announced that “asymptomatic travelers entering New York from another country, US state, or territory are no longer required to test or quarantine as of April 10, 2021”. However, those who haven’t completed their vaccine will still need to quarantine and undergo testing.

1 in 4 New Yorkers Fully Vaccinated

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo,  one in four New Yorkers completed his or her vaccine. He also added that 38% of New Yorkers, on the other hand, received at least one dose.

State Department of Health said that international travelers should be cautious when they are returning from abroad. Symptomatic travelers will have to self-isolate and seek a professional healthcare provider for help. Also, all travelers should complete the Traveler Health Form.

There are two occasions when you don’t have to complete the Traveler Health Form. You are either leaving New York for less than 24 hours, or if you are coming from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Compared to other parts of the US, New York has handled the pandemic well. It even released the Excelsior Pass that works as a COVID vaccine passport. The QR code will show a person’s vaccination status and his or her test results.

The state can expect a surge in travelers in the coming months. The CDC now considers fully vaccinated individuals to be at low risk when they travel.


John Michael Jayme
John Michael Jayme
John Michael Jayme is a Travel Analyst for The Jet Set. He writes about news and events affecting the travel industry.






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