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Missing Airline Food? You Can Order It To Your Home! (Yes, Really!)



Missing Airline Food? You Can Order It To Your Home! (Yes, Really!)

It’s possible that you’re missing airline travel right now and the amazing food for purchase in the main cabin. But, guess what?

From Imperfect Foods right now, you can get a cheese plate from Jet Blue—three ounces of mixed cheeses, dried cherries, and crackers—for just $2.99! The Washington Post reports that the grocery delivery service, which started with lumpy produce and branched off into snacks, sees it as a way to help out the mostly-grounded airline.

“Almost two months ago, before it became a nationwide pandemic, this catering and airplane meal supplier said they saw a decline in economy and business-class seats,” Imperfect CEO Philip Behn told the Post. “This was one of our first COVID-19 food waste recovery opportunities. We could only take a fraction of what they had.”

Still, Imperfect has sold 40,000 of the plates so far. It’s also been selling popcorn from movie theaters and pineapples from hotels.


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