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Lufthansa Is Piloting an Economy Class Lie-Flat Seating Option



The pandemic may have led to every Economy Class flier’s dream seating arrangement—one where you get an entire row to yourself and can lie down and right across the seats. This is the ‘Sleeper’s Row’ concept that Lufthansa is currently trialing on its flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Sao Paulo, Brazil through mid-December.

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With concerns about personal space and proximity to other passengers on planes amid COVID-19 conditions, especially during long-haul flights, Lufthansa is betting that this idea will be a winner.

Besides which, fliers who decide to pay a bit more for the Sleeper’s Row option are able to replicate the lie-flat Business Class bed experience on the cheap. Plus, Sleeper’s Row fliers are entitled to Priority Boarding with Business Class passengers.

These passengers are provided a pillow, blanket and seat-topper mat to maximize their comfort when sprawled across a row of three to four seats that they can claim all to themselves, CNN reported. Not only does the option offer premium space for social distancing, it’s a welcome reprieve from the cramped conditions and lack of legroom that’s synonymous with Economy Class.

Lufthansa customers booked on the Frankfurt–Sao Paulo flights who’d like to take advantage of the Sleeper’s Row option pay $260 on top of their original fare price and will need to purchase the upgrade at the airport, either at check-in or at the gate.

Lufthansa’s ‘Sleeper’s Row’ seating option. (Photo courtesy of Lufthansa)

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