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Drunk Passenger Causes Emergency Landing



An EasyJet flight from Manchester, England to Iceland was forced to make an emergency landing in Edinburgh, Scotland when a drunken passenger exhibited violent and bizarre behavior mid-flight.

The passenger was charged Monday for the January 28 incident with disorderly conduct, acting in a manner likely to endanger others and uttering threats of violence and racial remarks.

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The ordeal started when Matthew Flaherty drank an entire bottle of liquor he had brought in his carry-on bag. The drunk 44-year old then began to verbally harass a female passenger seated close by. The passenger ignored him, but this further angered Flaherty, who then reportedly told the woman to “f— off” and threatened to “kill her family.”

When flight attendants stepped in to calm the situation, Flaherty directed his anger toward them, allegedly telling one flight crew member, “I am going to kill you if you do not shut up.” The pilot was then informed of the situation and decided to land in Edinburgh.

Flaherty’s conduct didn’t end there, however. On the descent, the man allegedly began to take apart his own smartphone and chew on the pieces. The phone’s battery fell onto his seat and began to smolder. A flight attendant placed the battery in a cup of water to prevent a fire.

Upon landing, Flaherty was escorted off the plane where Scottish police were waiting to arrest him. However, Flaherty continued his tirade, threatening and throwing racial slurs at the officers.

Flaherty pleaded guilty on Monday and faces possible jail time. According to his defense attorney, his behavior was caused by a combination of alcohol and prescribed painkillers.

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