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Delta Pilot Formally Charged With Intoxication



A Delta Air Lines pilot, arrested on suspicion of intoxication in July, was formally charged Friday.

Gabriel Schroeder was charged with one count of attempting to operate an aircraft under the influence of alcohol, and another count of attempting to fly with a blood alcohol level of 0.04 percent or more.

In the month since the incident, Schroeder admitted to having a beer and three vodka drinks the night before he was scheduled to fly from Minneapolis-St. Paul to San Diego. It has also been revealed that he had a blood-alcohol level between 0.04 percent and 0.08 percent.

The Federal Aviation Administration prohibits pilots from flying within eight hours of drinking.

Schroeder airlines/delta-air-lines-pilot-arrested-for-reportedly-being-drunk-before-flight.html” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>was arrested on July 30 after Transportation Security Administration authorities working at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport said he skipped an additional screening area designed specifically for crewmembers.

TSA officials removed him from the plane after finding an empty bottle of alcohol and smelling alcohol on his breath.

Schroeder has not been allowed to fly since his arrest.

His court date is November 27.

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