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Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant Goes the Extra Mile for Passengers



Delta Air Lines gave a shoutout to a special flight attendant in a series of heartwarming Twitter posts Wednesday.

The airline praised “Flight Attendant Jackie” for befriending customers Karee, Rodney and their newly adopted daughter, Bella during their flight home from China two years ago.

“While the family had been together for two weeks, a flight around the world was a big change! Bella became super upset on the flight home, and Karee and Rodney were unsure of how to comfort their daughter—but Grandma J knew just what to do,” the carrier said, adding that Jackie, who speaks Mandarin as well as English, comforted Bella and her new family, holding the little girl and walking her up and down the aisle.

The uplifting story doesn’t end there though as Jackie was recently reunited with Bella at her 7th birthday party, even bringing ingredients to make homemade dumplings.

“The people you meet while traveling are often just as special as the destination. We’re thankful for employees like Jackie that go the extra mile to make some of the most difficult times a little easier,” Delta concluded.

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