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Dad Combats Flight Delay by Flying the Plane Himself



What do you do when you’re heading out on a family vacation but the flight is delayed? Fly the plane yourself.

That was the case for one dad.

According to an article in the Sun, an off-duty easyJet pilot was traveling to Alicante, Spain, when flight delays began to impact his family vacation with his wife and son.

Instead of waiting out the delays that could have derailed many travelers’ vacations, pilot Michael Bradley stepped up to the plate and volunteered to captain the flight.

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According to easyJet, the flight delay was due to the effects of a French air traffic control failure.

“We are grateful to one of our pilots who was traveling on holiday from Manchester to Alicante on September 2 with his family and volunteered to operate the flight,” said a spokesperson for easyJet. “This meant customers could get to their destination and shows the commitment and dedication of our crew.”

The airline also noted that Bradley and the airline followed all regulations. He had his pilot license and identification with him at the airport.

Travelers were extremely grateful and expressed their gratitude online.

“It could only happen to me!! Get to the airport and our flight is delayed a couple of hours,” said passenger Michelle Potts. “Then I happen to look at the original time and it changed to gate closing!! Had to leg it across the airport to get on the flight. Get to boarding and asked the guy at the desk what’s going on he said ‘oh your pilot’s gone missing but a guy that’s going on your flight is going to fly the plane’ REALLY CASUALLY!

“Luckily the guy was actually a pilot!! Probably would have been canceled if it wasn’t for him,” she finished the caption. “Legend.”

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Passengers Arrested After Violent Brawl on Plane



Two easyJet passengers were arrested at Edinburgh Airport for a violently bloody fight on Thursday that left cabin crew and passengers distraught.

According to The Sun, the plane had been splattered with blood and some crew members were in tears.

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“It was very frightening for this to unfold in mid-air,” one witness said. “It was a violent confrontation and an area of the cabin was covered in blood. The cabin crew did a great job to try to contain it. But some were reduced to tears because of what unfolded.”

The flight landed in Edinburgh, Scotland from Copenhagen at around 1:30 in the afternoon, where the two men were quickly detained by police.

A spokesman for the airline said “We can confirm that flight EZY6980 from Copenhagen to Edinburgh was met by police on arrival as a result of two passengers on board behaving disruptively.

“EasyJet’s cabin crew are trained to assess and evaluate all situations and to act quickly and appropriately to ensure that the safety of the flight and other passengers is not compromised at any time.

The spokesman added, “The safety and wellbeing of customers and crew is our highest priority.”

It is unclear at this time what had prompted the fight. According to a spokesman for the Scotland Police, the two men, aged 28 and 42, are charged for breach of the peace.

“A report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal,” the spokesman said.

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