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American Leads All Carriers in Lost, Mishandled Luggage



American Airlines brings in more money in baggage fees than any other airline.

It also lost or mishandled more luggage than any other airline last year.

In a report from the Dallas Morning News, American lost or mishandled more than a million bags in 2019, which was more than a third of the nearly 3 million pieces of luggage lost or mishandled among U.S. airlines combined.

Broken down, American, its regional affiliates and its codeshare partners, lost or mishandled 8.48 pieces of luggage for every 1,000 it processed.

The Morning News said American blamed its baggage woes on disputes with union mechanics and the grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max.

“Last year, we faced significant operational challenges that impacted our results, including the grounding of the Max, and, most significantly, a higher number of aircraft out of service,” American spokesman Ross Feinstein said in a statement to the paper. “A big contributor to our high [aircraft out of service] numbers was the illegal [union mechanics] slowdown, which disrupted our operation during the peak period.”

Budget airlines Allegiant and Frontier were the top two carriers when it came to delivering luggage, with Southwest third.

American Airlines was already on pace in 2019 to collect more than $1.3 billion in bag fees, the most among any domestic carrier.

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Airline News

American Airlines Offering Roundtrip Fares as Low as $32



Granted, there are very few people taking to the air these days in the wake of the devastating global spread of the coronavirus.

But American Airlines, for whatever reason, is offering one of those crazy once-in-a-lifetime deals.

As first reported by One Mile At A Time, American has a fare through the month of April where you can fly from Miami to Los Angeles for $16 each way.

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Yep, that’s right – $32 roundtrip to go coast to coast.

No doubt it’s one of the most eye-catching, startling fares ever offered, even better than when some airlines run a buy one/get one special. Not that we didn’t believe One Mile At A Time, one of the most well-respected and well-read aviation blogs out there, but we had to see this for ourselves.

Sure enough, when TravelPulse checked it out on Sunday, the fare had increased.

By eight whole dollars.

Choosing random dates and leaving Miami International Airport for Los Angeles International on April 22 and returning April 29, the fare for basic economy was $40 roundtrip. Want a better seat? Main cabin fares were just $96 roundtrip. (Forget about first class. You didn’t think American was that generous, did you? Those fares were $854 roundtrip.)

For the month of May, again choosing random dates and leaving Miami on May 13 and returning May 20, we found basic economy roundtrip fares for $56 and main cabin for $121.

So who’s going to take a flyer on these fares while the virus is still raging?

Certainly, there will be some folks, especially those that might absolutely need to travel more immediately. Or, you might have the gamblers out there who will take the chance that the pandemic and the restrictions will come to an end sooner than later, making the purchase of a May flight seem like a steal.

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