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American Airlines Extends Boeing 737 MAX Cancellations Into January



Officials from American Airlines announced Wednesday they are extending the cancellation of Boeing 737 MAX flights through at least January 15.

According to airlines-cancels-boeing-737-max-flights-until-jan-16-idUSKBN1WO1FX” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>, American revealed it believes software updates to the 737 MAX fleet will soon be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which will lead to the “recertification of the aircraft later this year and resumption of commercial service in January 2020.”

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The airline already boasts 24 MAX planes as part of its fleet and has dozens more on order. American officials are working under the assumption the carrier will gradually resume MAX flights starting January 16.

The plan is for American to resume about 20 MAX flights a day starting in mid-January until all of the planes are flying once again in February. The airline previously announced it would cancel about 140 flights a day through December 3.

The FAA responded Wednesday by saying the agency is “following a thorough process, not a prescribed timeline, for returning the Boeing 737 Max to passenger service. The FAA will lift the aircraft’s prohibition order when it is airlines/faa-says-individual-countries-will-decide-when-to-return-737-max-to-the-air.html” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>deemed safe to do so.”

Earlier this month, American Airlines‘ pilots asked for compensation from lost pay caused by the 737 MAX grounding.

Southwest Airlines previously announced it had canceled MAX flights through January 5 and United Airlines revealed cancellations through December 19. In addition, Southwest pilots have filed a lawsuit against Boeing accusing the company of misleading the airline.

The Boeing 737 MAX has been grounded since mid-March following two crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that killed 346 people.

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Airline News

TSA Bans TikTok Videos From Agency Social Media Accounts



The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced Sunday employees would no longer be permitted to use TikTok to post on behalf of the agency’s social media accounts.

According to the New York Post, the decision to ban the use of the Chinese owned video-sharing app comes after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer voiced concerns about potential national security issues.

TSA officials said several employees who managed the agency’s social media accounts had used the TikTok platform to create videos that were shared with followers, but the agency has told its staff they are no longer allowed to use the video-sharing app on TSA accounts.

While the TSA never had a TikTok account or posted content directly to the platform, the federal agency’s employees posted videos on TSA social media accounts that featured the social media platform’s logo in the corner.

Senator Schumer began advocating for the agency to stop using TikTok after he called on intelligence officials to investigate the platform to protect national security. He followed up his comments with a letter to TSA Administrator David Pekoske on Saturday, which sparked the ban.

When asked about the decision, Schumer defended his position and cited a Department of Homeland Security rule prohibiting TikTok on agency devices. The Department of Defense and the State Department have also banned employees from posting on the social media platform.

“Given the widely reported threats, the already-in-place agency bans, and the existing concerns posed by TikTok, the feds cannot continue to allow the TSA’s use of the platform to fly,” Schumer said in a statement.

“These videos sure do make you chuckle; they’re creative,” the senator continued. “But China might be laughing at these TSA postings for very different reasons, and that should concern us and it’s why I am urging the TSA to find a different platform, and cease its use of TikTok now.”

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