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Alaska Airlines Offering Hawaii Flight Discounts Based on Wave Height



Alaska Airlines has launched a new partnership with global surf forecasting site Surfline that offers Swell Deals, a system of discounts to and from Hawaii based on wave heights.

Passengers flying with Alaska Airlines will be eligible for up to 30 percent off flights thanks to Surfline’s dynamic wave swell data pulled from 14 different locations, which monitor minute-by-minute forecasts around the Hawaiian Islands.

Running between November 4 and November 8, for travel through November 20, the cumulative height of forecasted waves will result in discounts for travelers. Plain and simple; the bigger the waves, the lower the price.

“Flyers today have access to so much more information and in turn, are making decisions based on that data,” Alaska Airlines managing director Natalie Bowman said in a statement. “With the start of surf season in Hawaii, we saw an opportunity to further support our flyers’ passions by using the power of data to offer better deals as surf conditions improve.”

There is a twist, though, as the discount will change daily at approximately noon and 5 p.m. PST, but the discount level will never drop and can only increase as swells grow.

Swell heights under 10 feet result in a 10 percent discount, while 11-15 feet swells result in a 15 percent discount, 16-20 feet swells result in a 20 percent discount and 21-or-more feet swells result in a 30 percent discount.

“This partnership with Alaska Airlines opens the door for surfers everywhere to use our trusted surf reports and forecasting for spontaneous adventure,” Surfline President Ross Garrett said. “Surfers are highly traveled wave warriors, and we’re sure they’ll be scooping up these fares.”

The subregions for data tracking include Oahu South Shore, Hawaii Kona, Maui South, Kauai South, Kauai North, Maui West, Oahu North Shore, Oahu Windward Side, Maui North, Hawaii South, Hawaii Hilo, Oahu West Side, Lanai and Molokai.

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Airline News

United Airlines Beefs up July International Schedule



In a burst of optimism, United Airlines has announced it will beef up its international schedule in July by returning to 11 overseas cities.

“United’s always going to be larger internationally than our peers,” United CEO Scott Kirby said during an investor conference this week when asked about how the airline will rebuild its route map, according to the aviation blog The Points Guy.

The 11 cities include Brussels, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Dublin, Hong Kong, Lima, Munich, Seoul Incheon, Singapore, Tokyo Haneda and Zurich. The Points Guy noted that United will operate a Boeing 787 as its aircraft on most of these international routes.

In addition, United plans to return to 16 destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America in July. These include key hubs like Panama City and beach destinations like Nassau and Punta Cana.

Here is a list of international routes United plans to resume in July.

Tokyo Haneda

Belize City

Buenos Aires

Guatemala City

Liberia, Costa Rica


Montego Bay


Panama City

Punta Cana

Queretaro, Mexico

Quito, Ecuador

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

San Salvador, El Salvador




Montego Bay


Punta Cana

Santiago, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo


Hong Kong

Seoul Incheon

Singapore via a stop in Hong Kong

Tel Aviv


London Heathrow



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